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Riz Ahmed: Ten Quick Facts About the Star Wars Actor

Ten Riz Ahmed Facts

Riz Ahmed is a British-Pakistani actor and rapper, who is best known for his appearance in the movies The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Star Wars: Rogue One. Here are 10 quick facts about Riz Ahmed:
  • Rizwan Ahmed was born on December 1, 1982 in Wembley, London. Both his parents are from Karachi in Pakistan and moved to Great Britain in the 1970s. Riz Ahmed has never visited Pakistan.
  • Studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University. He graduated in 2004.
  • Had his acting debut in the 2006 movie The Road to Guantanamo. He played one of three prisoners, who have been kept in Guantanamo for around three years. Riz Ahmeds title song Post 9/11 for the movie was banned from the radio.
  • Released his first hip hop album MICroscope in 2011 under the name Riz MC.
  • Riz Ahmed claimed in an interview with the Guardian, that he thinks, we are living in scary times. Especially after Brexit. He stated: “So yeah, you don’t need to tell me we live in scary times, man. I’m Muslim.”
  • People are speculating, if Riz Ahmed has a girlfriend or wife, but until now, nothing is and ever was officially confirmed.
  • Liked to call himself British-Pakistani in past, but stated in an interview in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, that maybe in this age "this is what British looks like". He is also hoping that through Nasir Khan, people will see what "American" can look like as well.
  • Riz Ahmed wrote and directed the award winning short movie called Daytimer in 2014.
  • Stars Wars: Rogue One, in which he is playing the role of Bodhi Rook, was Riz Ahmeds first full-on studio movie. "You realize it’s not the same in America, and you have to kind of manage your energy in a different way. Plus Star Wars was a different kind of role for me, with all the action in it. That’s an almost entirely different skillset", so Ahmed to
  • Wrote an article for The Guardian in September 2016 in which he describes a racist incident at the London airport right after his first movie The Road to Guantanamo was released. After coming back from a flight, he was taken into a room, where a police officer insulted and attacked him. He was asking Riz Ahmed: “What kinda film you making? Did you become an actor to further the Muslim struggle?”

More infos:

Riz Ahmed Height: 5'8" Riz Ahmed Twitter: click

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