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Top Five Richest Swiss People in 2016

Richest Swiss People of 2016

Who are the richest people in Switzerland of 2016?

Richest Swiss No 1: Ernesto Bertarelli

Ernesto Bertacelli was born on September 22, 1965 in Rome, Italy and received Swiss citizienship at the age of 24. He is a graduate of Havard Business school (MBA). Ernesto Bertacelli's net worth lies around 8,5 billion USD, which made him to be the richest man in Switzerland of 2016. Together with his wife Kirsty Bertacelli, he has three children.

Richest Swiss No 2 & 3: Gianluigi & Rafaela Aponte

Gianluigi Aponte and his wife Raffaela have a net worth of 9,3 billion USD. Gianluigi is a actually a trained sailor and met his future Swiss wife Raffaela on board of a cruise ship. They founded the shipping company Mediterranean Shipping Company with the current headquarter in Geneva.

Richest Swiss No 4: Margarita Louis-Dreyfus

Margarita Louis-Drefuß was born on July 1, 1963 in Leningrad and grew up in an orpahnage. She married a Swiss at the age of 27 and started working in an import-export company. After the divorce from her first husband, Margarita met Robert Louis-Dreyfuß in a flight from Zurich to London. The two got married became parents of three children. After the dead of Robert Louis-Dreyfuß in 2009, she became the inheritress of the Louis Dreyfuss Company as well of the soccer club Olympique de Marseille. Since 2013, Margarita Louis-Dreyfuß is in a relationship with former president of the Swiss national bank, Philipp Hildebrand, with whom she has twin daugthers. Her net worth lies around 8,9 billion USD.

Richest Swiss No 5: Hansjoerg Wyss

Hansjoerg Wyss was born on September 19, 1935. The swiss business men and patron studied civil engineering at ETH Zurich, then moved on to finish his MBA in Harvard University. He was working as a project manager in Pakistan, Turkey and on the Philippines. His estimated net worth lies around 6,1 billion USD.

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