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Russian Oligarchs’ Most Expensive Divorces

Russian Oligarchs/ Russian Billionaires

Seperations and divorces almost never end up amicably - especially, when one person wants money. The ex-wives of the Russian oligarchs in the following list definitely cashed up in the end. Majority of the divorces in the following list are among the most expensive ones of all time.

Vladimir Potanin

Divorce settlement: still open. Natalja Potanin is alleged fighting for half his fortune which would be around 7 billion USD.
vladimir potanin russian oligarch

Vladimir Potanin, Presidential Press and Information Office under CC

Net worth: 14,2 billion USD.

Ex-Wife: Natalja Potanin.

Married: 1983-2014. Common Children: 3. Current status: married with the 14 years younger Ekaterina Potanin since 2014, alleged 2 children.

More info: Vladimir Potanin is considered to be the richest man in Russia. He and Natalja met in school, when Vladimir wasn't wealthy at all and have been together for around three decades - until he suddenly left her for a younger woman. According to Natalja Potanin, the two were having a dinner with two of their children when Vladimir told Natalja, that they have been lived together for quite a long time and that he now wants to get a divorce. After that, the lifeguards brought some documents for her to sign. She refused to sign the sheets, with which Vladimir Potanin wanted her to confirm, that she receives nothing from his fortune. Natalja Potanin never saw him again afterwards. "He was always very purposeful", so Natalja Potanin in an interview. "With his business partners, he was tallking in a very rough, sometimes even conniving way. He said, there was no other way to do business. I could not imagine that he could behave so brutally with me and the children." Her battle for half of his fortune is still going on, but media already foresees the most expensive divorce ever.

Alexei Mordashov

Divorce settlement: Jelena was fighting for around 30 % of the shares of his company. In the end, she lost the case and had to pay herself court costs in a sevendigit Dollar amount.
Alexei Mordashov russian oligarch

Alexei Mordashov, PAO Severstal under CC

Net worth: 18,5 billion USD.

Ex-Wife: Jelena Mordashov.

Married: 1986-1996. Common Children: 1.

More info: Alexei Alesandrowitsch is the chairman of the steel company Severstal. One of the richest Russian oligarchs already divorced his wife Jelena in 1996, when his fortune wasnt as high as it is today. Back then, she likely received an apartment, a car, around 400 USD monthly payment for their son and 54000 USD in cash. In 2001, Elena Mordashov sued her ex-husband for around 32.5 of the Severstal shares. Mordashov proved, that he received most of his current income after the divorce and he didn't have to pay.

Roman Abramowitsch

Divorce settlement: 300 million USD.
Roman Abramowitsch russian oligarch

Roman Abramowitsch, Mark Freeman flickr under CC

Net worth: 8,3 billion USD.

Ex-Wife: Irina Malandina.

Married: 1991-2007. Common Children: 5. Current status: married with former model Darya Zhukova. They have two children together.

More info: Roman Abramowitsch married the former flight attendant Irina in 1991, when he wasn't as rich as nowadays. One of the current richest Russian oligarchs started building his own very successful oil empire in the 90s andwas considered as the most important oligarch in the environment of Putin for a very long time. Roman Abramowitsch divorced Irina in 2007, when he started having an affair with the model Darya Zhukova. In the beginning, Irina was fighting for a higher amount of money (experts say around 1,5 billion USD), but in the end, both of them agreed on a compensation of 300 million USD. Between 1987-1990, Roman Abramowitsch was married with Olga Yurevna Lysova.

Dmitry Rybolovlev

The Most Expensive Divorce in History

Divorce settlement: 4 billion Swiss francs.
Dmitry Rybolovlev russian oligarch

Dmitry Rybolovlev, Francknataf under CC

Net worth: 8,5 billion USD.

Ex-Wife: Elena Rybolovleva.

Married: 1987-2014. Common Children: 1.

More info: Dmitry Rybolovlev is a former doctor, Russian businessman and sports sponsor, who made his money through gamblings on the stock exchange in the 90s. He has been married with Elena for around 27 years, until they official divorced in 2014. The whole process took around six years and brought a lot of dirty details to light. In 2014, Dmitry Rybolovlev was condemned to pay around 4 billion Swiss franc to Elena by a Swiss court.

By the end of November 2015, Russian oligarch Dmitry and Jelena Rybolowlewa announced, that they have reached an agreement on the condition of their divorce. Consequently, both parties finally agreed to discontinue all legal proceedings in the divorce case and to drop all claims against the other party as well as from related parties.

Boris Berezovsky

Divorce settlement: 160 million USD.
Boris Berezovsky russian oligarchs

Boris Berezovsky, Silber_Mel flickr under CC

Net worth: 3 billion USD.

Ex-Wife: Galina Berezovskaya.

Married: 1991-2011. Common Children: 2. More info: Boris Berezovsky and Galinawere have been married for around 20 years, when he finally wanted to divorce her in 2010. The divorce was held in front of an English court and ended up in 160 million USD divorce settlement for Galina Berezovskaya - the highest amount in British process history. Russian oligarch Boris Berezowsky died in March 2013 under unknown circumstances.

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