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Exceptionally Beautiful Women and Men in History

Most Beautiful Women in History

What is beauty? Some people say its the appearance of a person, some say its a fair skin, others a perfectly trained body and in turn, others believe, its the kindness of a person, which reflects his or her beauty. Beauty is a quite broad term and also a scientifically researched topic. However, it is almost beyond any doubt that beauty isn't completely in the eye of the beholder. What we think is beautiful gets influenced by culture, media and of couse somehow also by everyones individual choice. If a person looks similar to a person we already like, we automatically like this person (which is by the way also probably the reason, why Boris Becker almost always has had "exotic" looking girlfriends and wifes). The following list mainly consists of "written beauty" - beauty, which coudln't be captured in pictures. Beauty, people can only imagine through descriptions. Maybe the kind of beauty, really everybody would consider as beautiful.

Most Beautiful Women, Men and Greek Gods in History


The name Nefertiti stands for "a beautiful woman has come". According to studies, the Egyptian queen has the perfect face when it comes to nowadays beauty standards. Nefertiti already died in 1331 BC when she was around 60 years old, but is still considered as one of the most beautiful women in history. Thanks to the famous bust, found in 1912 by a German archaeological group, people can have a look at her moderate, symmetrical face, almond-shaped eyes, high cheeks, narrow nose and curving, full lips, which made her an icon of timeless, universal beauty, in "Neues Museum" in Berlin. Precise observers will even notice delicate wrinkles on her face, which on the contrary give her expressiveness and individuality. The famous Nefertiti bust has a worth of around 335 million USD.

Most probably, Nefertiti was the daugther of an influential court official. She married King Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), who died around 1334 BC after 17 years of regency, at a very young age. The two were the parents of six daugthers. Until today, it remains controversial, if Nofretiti was also the mother of Akhenaten's son, the later King Tutanchamun and which part she played as his wife. Was she a co-regent or only a decent wife? The only thing people know about her nowadays, is that she was incredibly beautiful. 


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, sensual pleasure and beauty, being described as very seductive, nice, soft and delicate. She is considered as the most beautiful and lovely under all Goddesses of the Greeks and was alleged involved as a trigger of the Trojan War. It's said that Aphrodite, Hera and Athena wanted prince Paris to choose, whom of them is the most beautiful. Each Goddess tried to bribe him and Paris finally chose Aphrodite as she promised him to bring the most beautiful woman in the world. This event is known as the Judgment of Paris and considered - by the resulting theft of Helen - as a mythological trigger, which finally led to the Greek against Troy war.

Aphrodite's constant companions were Eros and Peitho. She was married with Hephaestus, but constantly cheated on him with mortals as well as with immortals. Her long lasting relationship with Ares was notoriously. The two became parents of Eros, Harmonia, Phobos, Deimos and Anteros. The result of Aphrodite and Trojan Anchises relationship was their son Aeneas.

Helen of Troy

In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was considered as the most beautiful woman of her time. Her beauty was said to be so great, that every man, who saw her, wanted to own Helen. As a twelve year old, she has been kidnapped to Atthica by Theseus and Pirithous, but finally got freed from them by her brothers.

Many Greek princes wanted to marry Helen of Troy. As her father feared the enmity of all rejected once, he let them swear, that they would - no matter what - accept Helen's choice. She finally decided for Menelaos, Prince of Mycanae and future king of Sparta, to whom she bore a daugther named Hermione.

In the dispute of the three Goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena - already mentioned above - Helen was the promised "most beautiful woman" for Paris and let herself be carried away by him to Troy. Hera and Athena decided to fight against Troy. 


Medusa is a Greek mythical creature and one of three Gorgons. Gorgons are female creatures with hair made out of snakes. Every man, who is looking into a Gorgons's eyes, becomes a stone.

Medusa was initially a very beautiful woman. When Pallas Athene, the wife of Poseidon, saw both of them making out with each other, she became so angry, that she turned the beautiful Medusa into a monster with long pig tusks, bronze arms, glowing eyes, a sticking out tongue and the snakes for hair.

Joseph (son of Jacob)

Joseph was an important figure in Bible and in Quran. The elventh son of Jacob was - according to many scolars - also his favourite. In the 12th sure in Quran, Joseph (Yusuf) becomes the victim of jealousy and hatred of his brothers, who throw him into a well. Later on, he is working as a servant for Al Aziz's (Chief Minister of Egypt) wife, who feels more and more attracted by the beautiful Joseph. Aziz's pretty wife made the plan to seduce him, but Joseph resisted her approach as he overturned any thought of sleeping with his master's wife from his mind. But Joseph's refusal only increased her passion. He tried to escape and ran to the door, when Aziz grabbed his shirt and tore it from behind. In this moment, the door opened and her husband entered. She accused Joseph, that he was trying to flee, but as the shirt was torn from behind, it was clear, the she was trying to grabb him. The Chief Minister finally tried to gloss the situation over.

The women of the city began to talk about Aziz's wife and her infatuation with her slave Joseph. The news spread and Al Aziz' woman wanted to teach these women a lesson by simply showing them how handsome and desirable Joseph was. She invited them to dinner, revealed a beautiful table for them and gave knives to cut the food. The room was full of excitement and perhaps silent glances as the women hoped to be able to take a look at the slave. They began to eat, when Joseph finally came into the room. They looked up, saw his beauty and forgot that they were holding knives in their hands. The women were so much enraptured by his beauty and character, that they cut into their own flesh. Joseph was described as a noble angel.


Narcissus is a figure in Greek mythology. The son of the river Gods Kephissos and Leiriope was so much filled with defiant pride in his own exceptional beauty, that he heartlessly rejected all the young men, girls and beautiful women who devoted to and admired him. Ameinios finally felt so much insulted by Narcissus reaction, that he killed himself with Narcissus sword. Before Ameinios died, he called the Gods and asked for a revenge of his death. Nemsis heard the petition and punished Narcissus with unquenchable self-love. When the young man settled at a water source in untouched nature, he fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissus recognized the impossibility of this love, but kept on only admiring himself until he died while saying the words: "Oh, you hopeless lover boy, farewell!". Instead of his body, the Dryads found a daffodil.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII of England and famous for her high intelligence, style, eloquently, appearance as well as being one of the most beautiful women in England. When she came to the King's Imperial Court, Anne Boleyn's plan was to gain King Henry's attraction only to refuse him afterwards to get even more attention from him. Some of Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn can be find in the librabry of Vatican City.

Next to Henry's side, Anne Boleyn was already living a life like a queen, when she was finally willing to become his mistress - but only, after Henry offered her a title of nobility and wealth. The king was not only exceptionally fascinated by Anne, but als hoped her to give birth to a male heir. He urged the divorce from Catherine, his first wife, and married the pregnant Anne in 1533. With the elimination of Rome and the Roman Catholic church, he succeeded in seperating from Catherine. In June 1533, Anne was finally crowned as the Queen of the England. After some intrigues at Court, the King suspected Anne of cheating with her own brother as well as planning to murder him. She got beheaded on May, 13 1536. When Anne was waiting in the dungeons for her death, the Kind alleged told his consultants, that she completely bewitched him.

Anne Boleyn's and Henry VIII daugther became Queen Elizabeth I of England, who was - due to her commanded persection of Protestants - also called Bloody Mary.

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