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The Richest Drug Lords of All Time

Famous Drug Lords

Who are the richest drug lords of all time? The top 10:

"Freeway" Ricky Ross: 1 Billion Dollar

Ricky Ross was born in 1960 Houston, Texas under the name Ricky Donnell Ross. He sold heroin, crack and cocaine since he was 19 years old. In his best years as a drug dealer, Ricky Ross earned more than 2 million USD per day. He got arrested in 1996 when he wanted to buy 200 pounds cocaine from an FBI agent. In 2009, Ricky Ross was released earlier from prison due to good behaviour.

Griselda Blanco: 2 Billion Dollar

The only woman in this list, Griselda Blanco, was born in 1943 in Colombia. She is especially famous for taking part at the largest cocaine shipment of 300 pounds in 1985. During her career as a drug dealer, Griselda Blanco murdered around 200 people under which were a lot of younger and more beautiful women as well as ex lovers. She was considered as a very ruthless, greedy and extremely violent drug lord, who alleged commited her first murder at age 11. Together with her gang, she kidnapped a child of wealthy parents. They killed the kid with a shot between the eyes, when the ransom didn't appear. She came into jail in 1985 and was released in 2004. In 2012, Griselda Blanco was killed while leaving a butcher. Two men fired two shots at close range onto her head.

Griselda Blanco movies: Cocaine Cowboys

Carlos Lehder: 2,7 Billion Dollar

Carlos Lehder was born in 1949 and is one of the most famous Colombian drug traffickers. He was especially responsible for the cocaine wave in the late 1970s in the United States and also collaborated with Pablo Escobar. Carlos Lehder's father was a German engineer and his mother a Colombian teacher. Besides the Colombian nationality, he is also holding the German one. During his peak time as a drug dealer, he was mostly residing on the Bahamas, were the cocaine smuggling was organized with the help of offshore boats and private sports aircrafts. The discovery of a sailing boat, which was loaded with corpses, arrested attention of the US anti drug agency. Carlos Lehder got lifelong in prison plus 134 years. The adhesion got reduced to 55 years after a restimony. He is under arrest since 1987.

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela: 3 Billion Dollar

Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela was born in 1939 in Colombia. During the 1990s, he earned a lot of money through cocaine trafficking in the United States toegether with his brother and was one of the biggest cocaine suppliers in many countries. In 1995, one of the most richest drug lords of all time got arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Due to good behaviour and some confessions of his crimes, the punishment was reduced to seven years. In March 2004, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejula was again arrested by Colombian authorities. The reason: the smuggling of 300 pounds cocaine.

Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha: 5 Billion Dollar

Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha was born in 1947 in Colombia. He began his career in the semi legal emerald trade, but went into drug trading in the 1970s. Gach was considered as one of the most powerful and cruel among all drug dealers until his death in 1989. Later on it became clear, that Pablo Escobar was the main leader behind Gacha's drug deals. Gacha died during a raid by a Colombian special operation. They became aware of him when ordered a truckload of women to his residence via walkie talkie.

Khun Sa: 5 Billion Dollar

Khun Sa was born in 1933 in Myanmar. He was not only a drug dealer, but also rebel leader and founder of two armies. During his "golden age" in the 1990s, Khun Sa was regarded as the largest heroine smuggler of all time and also had his own army consisting of 10.000 men. One of the most richest drug lords of all time, Khun Sa, was charged in 1989 when he wanted to import 2.200.000 pounds heroine into the USA. Even though the USA offered a bounty of two million USD for Khun Sa, he wasn't extradited to the US. Until his death in 2007, he was living as a very successful businessman. The cause of his death is not known. He suffered from diabetes and hyptertension and was partially paralyzed.

Ochoa Brothers: 6 Billion Dollar

The Ochoa brothers (Jorge, Fabio and Juan) were all born in Colombia to a rich family. Three of the richest drug lords of all time were very famous for their teamwork in cocaine trafficking. Jorge was mainly responsible for the import-export, Juan for the whole export department and Fabio was the sales manager in Florida. In 1991, all brothers got arrested, but were released in 1996. The youngest brother Fabio was arrested again in 1999 and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar: 6,7 Billion Dollar

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born in 1955 in India. One of the richest drug lords in the world is the influential head of an Indian gang with ties to Islamist circles. In safety circuits, he is claimed to be a weapon dealer, smuggler, trafficker, extortionist, hitman and financier of Bollywood movies. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is also called the "Drug King of India".

Amado Carrilo Fuentes: 25 Billion Dollar

Amado Carrilo Fuentes was born in 1956 in Colombia and was one of the most wanted criminals in Mexico. Its said that he transported cocaine in his own fleet of 22 Boeings 727 and was thereby much more successful than the other drug lords. According to the US Enforcement Administration, Amado Carrilo Fuentes earned around 200 million USD per week during his peak time. In order to escape his pursuers, he wanted to undergo a face surgery in Mexico city and in consequence died on July 4, 1997. Some people believe, that he is still alive and his death only simulated.

Richest Drug Lords No 1 - Pablo Escobar: 40 Billion Dollar

Pablo Escobar was born in 1949 in Colombia and is the richest drug lord of all time. He became one of the richest people in the world through large-scale industrial drug smuggling. Pablo Escobar is considered as one of the most powerful and brutal drug dealers, who ever existed and earned around 240 million USD per week with his cartell. He spent around 2500 dollar per week for rubber bands to pack money, built his own prison and was also on Forbes List of the richest people in the world. Pablo Escobar was one of the most wanted man in the world when he was alive. His brutality also showed up in private life. Even though he was happily married, he cheated on his wife and mother of two children with many younger women. If one of them got pregnant, she was killed by one of his contract killers. In 1991, Pablo Escobar surrended under certain conditions to the police and came into his own prison La Cathdral. When the government wanted to relocate him into another prison, he killed all his guards and fleed. Pablo Escobar died in 1993, when an American-Colombian elite shot him during a razzia. 20.000 people attended his funeral.

The Netflix tv series Narcos is based on Pablo Escobars life.

Featured image: Colombian National Police under Public Domain

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