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edgar davids famous soccer player who wear glasses

Famous Soccer Players Who Wear Glasses

Famous Footballers Who Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses while doing sport isn't a rare phenomenon anymore. Perfect sports glasses with eyesight are made out of plastic. They are stable, unbreakable and can't splinter. Recommended are soccer glasses with shield-shaped curved glasses. They protect the eyes from negative influences such as intense UV radiation and glare, wind and other weather-related factors, but also against dust and dirt. In contrast to contact lenses - which most soccer plays wear on the playing field during important matches - football glasses don't dry out the eyes. Most of the following famous soccer players never wore sports glasses for soccer on playing field, but for example during public events.

Eight Famous Soccer Players who Wear Glasses

Jerome Boateng

Team/ Club: German National Team, Bayern Munich (August 2016)

Nearsighted Jerome Boateng is not only wearing glasses, but he is also designing them. The brother of Kevin Prince Boateng released his first eyewear collection in 2016. "I am proud that I was allowed to design six different glasses", so Boateng. "I wanted to grab a story into every pair of these glasses". When he was a child, he liked to hide them in the letterbox. On football field and in clubs, he prefers to wear contact lenses.

Edgar Davids

Team/Club: Retired. 1994-2005 Dutch National Team, Barnet

Edgar Davids is the "famous soccer player with glasses". He actually suffers from a contact lenses intolerance and needed to take special eye drops. Because of these eye drops, he was under doping suspicion. Even though the Fifa allowed him to keep on taking the drops, he decided to wear glasses. The googles were since then his trademark.


Team/ Club: Germany National Team, VfB Stuttgart II (August 2016) VfB Stuttgart II football player is nearsighted and likes to wear glasses during official events.

Wayne Rooney

Team/ Club: England National Team, Manchester United (August 2016) Famous British soccer player Wayne Rooney is wearing glasses since childhood. He is long-sighted and needs them for reading and driving. He hardly ever wears them.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Team/ Club: Germany National Team (until 2016), Manchester United

Bastian Schweinsteiger is nearsighted and wears glasses since 2010. "The last six times, I only hit bar or post. Therefore, I'm nearsighted", so Schweinsteiger.

Lilian Thuram

Team/ Club: Retired. France National Team (1994-2008), Barcelona

Former France National Team soccer player Lilian Thuram is nearsighted and was always wearing contact lenses on football field. Occasionally, fans could see him wearing black rimmed glasses during press conferences and other public events.

Cristiano Ronaldo

What team is Ronaldo on? Portugal National Team, Real Madrid (August 2016)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the worlds highest paid athlete of 2016. He is not only famous for soccer, but also as a model. He has a wide range of sunglasses and likes to wear nerdy models on press conferences or selfies. Nobody knows, if Ronaldo is only wearing them as a fashion item or because he has really a visual defect.

David Beckham

Team/ Club: Retired. England National Team (1996-2009), Real Madrid (2003-2007)

David Beckham (along with his wife Victoria Beckham) is one of the best known fashion icons and trendsetters of the 21st century. He was already wearing glasses in the 90s and even though nobody knows, if he really needs to wear them, they underline his distinctive face very well.

Features image Douglas Whitfield flickr under CC

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