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Famous Blind People Who Are an Inspiration for Everyone

Domingos de Oliveira is a German Political scientist, freelance online editor and author of the book "Was ist Blindheit"? (What is blindness?). The from birth blind de Oliveira describes books as the only medium, about which senses handicapped persons and non-handicapped persons can fairly discuss about. The reason: everything which doesn't get described by the author, doesn't exist. Every reader has the same material as a basis to allow full bent of his phantasies. Same with the world wide web. According to him, its anonymity allows handicapped persons like for example blind people, to take part in a world without suffering from disadvantage. Nobody knows, if a copywriter is sitting in a wheelchair, has a vision impairment or can't hear.

Five Famous Blind People, who are Inspiration for Everyone

Helen Keller

blind and deaf helen keller

Helen Keller, PC

Who is Helen Keller? Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf girl, who received a bachelor degree. Born in 1880 in Alabama, USA, she lost her eyesight and the ability to hear due to a meningitis when she was 19 months old. In the following years, the daugther of a captain tried to communicate through hand signals, which often ended up in frustration as nobody could understand her. Helen Keller's teacher Anne Sullivan received training at Perkins-Institue for blinds, where she also lived together with Laura Bridgman (Laura Bridgman was the first deaf-blind person, who was able to communicate through a finger alphabet). Later on, Helen Keller learned braille and also, how to produce language in an oral form. She attended Radcliffe College in 1900, where she learned French and German. She finished her bachelor degree in 1904. After Anne Sullivans death in 1936, she was living together with Polly Thompson and later on with Winifred Corbally. Helen Keller was board member of the „American Braille Press“ and consultant for the American Foundation for the Blind. When did Helen Keller die? She died in 1968.

A Helen Keller movie called miracle worker is available on youtube.

Helene Keller books: i.a. The Story of my Life, Three Days to See, The World I Live in

Jacques Lusseyran

Jacques Lusseyran was founder of the resistance group Volontaires de la liberté during World War II. He was born in September, 19 1924 in Paris, France with full eye sight and became blind after an accident at the age of 8. He was a very good pupil and studied literature. During World War II, Jacques Lusseyran was a member of the Resistance and later on founded the Volontaires de la liberté. After someone betrayed him, Lusseyran was six months in solitary confinement prison in Fresnes and later on got deported to Buchenwald concentration camp. Due to a law, which forbod disabled persons to work in civil service, he couldn't become a university professor. Until his death on July, 27 1971, Lusseyran worked as a writer and lecturer at various institutions, most recently as a professor of literature in the United States. 

Erik Weihenmayer

famous blind people erik weihenmeyer

Erik Weihenmeyer, CC

Erik Weihenmayer is the first blind mountain climber, who entered the Mount Everest. He was born in 1968 in New Yersey, USA with the genetic disease retinoschisis and became totally blind at the age of 13. After finishing high school and graduating from Boston College in 1991, Weihenmayer climbed to the top of several mountains in the Pamir mountain region in Tajikistan and other rocks all over the world. The trained teacher finally made it to the top of the famous Mount Everest on May 25, 2001. In 2004, he initiated an expedition in Tibet called "Climbing Blind" at which blind teenagers of the Braille-Without-Boarders school in Lhasa took part.

Sabriye Tenberken

Sabriye Tenberken is a famous blind woman, who founded a Tibetian blind school and developed braille for the Tibetian language. Born in 1970 in Cologne, Germany, she became totally blind at the age of 12 due to retinal disease. After graduating from University of Bonn in the subjects sociology, philosophy and tibetology, she travelled to Tibet in 1997 where she founded "Braille Without Borders" together with Paul Kronenberg. Sabriye Tenberken also took part at Erik Weihenmaayer's 2004 Tibet expedition, about which a movie called Blind Sighted got released. In 2005, Tenberken was nominated as one of 1000 women in the Project 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2005

Zoltan Torey

Zoltan Toray was a clinic psychologist, philosopher and author of the book The Crucible of Consciousness, published in 1999. Born on November 21, 1929 in Budapest, he had to flew from his country during World War II. The then 19 year old arrived in Australia, where he began studying at University of Sydney. Due to an acid accident in a factory where he was working as a student, he lost his eye sight in 1951. He graduated from University of Sydney with a bachelor degree in psyhology and philosophy in 1960. His goal in life was to write a book about the mind-brain-consciousness problem. According to,

"Torey's writing process was to listen and absorb taped material, store it in his extraordinary memory, analyse, compose and write (and re-write), "seeing" the letters fall on to the page as he typed with a manual typewriter. He had first picked out the right cassette from his well-ordered boxes and found the place for what he wanted to retrieve."

Torey was married twice and died at the age of 84 in 2014.
Featured image The Century Magazine under Public Domain

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