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Prettiest Female Celebrities Who Are Anti Feministic

During her well-known speech in front of the UN in 2014, Harry Potter actress and Brown University gradute Emma Watson proclaimed a new definition of feminism. Her own campaign under the hastag #heforshe especially appealed to men, who - according to her - don't have the benefits of equality either. Emma Watson is not the only famous female celebrity, who admits, that she is a feminist - a term, that is very often connected with negativity. Also Miley Cyrus dared to call herself a feminist in 2013 and is since then fighting against double standards when it comes to women and men. Especially in terms of body image. She once even stated that "I feel like I'm one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything".

Against the feminism-hype since the last decades, there are also some celebrities, who dissociated themselves from being (called) a feminist in several statements.

Here are the prettiest female celebrities who are anti feministic

Lana del Rey

lana dle rey car

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“I’m just not that interested in feminism. I’m more interested in cute white skirts, pouting, and accessorizing with Native American headdresses.”

Feminists say, Lana del Rey's songs are idealising weakness and subservience in relationships. The singer once stated, that she is not at all interested in this topic on which she received harsh critic from feminists like Kim Gordon, who claimed, that the Video Games vocalist doesnt even know, what the term means.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift

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“I am definitely not one of those feminists. I just think that women should have equal rights, privileges, and respect. But yeah, feminists have all these gross ideas.”

Cultural scientist and bestseller author Camille Paglia published an eassay on Hollywood Reporter, in which she proposed singer Taylor Swift to stop her "Nazi Barbie routine of wheeling out friends and celebrities as performance props".

Katy Perry

katy perry

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I’m not a feminist but goddamn are women deserving of equality and kisses and everything cute and cool!”
According to Huffington Post, I Kissed a Girl singer Katy Perry is still confused when it comes to the topic feminism. Asked about this term, her first reaction was "Uh".

Lady Gaga

lady gaga

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No, I’m not a feminist. I couldn’t live without sex or beer or all those great things men created.”

Feminists love Lady Gaga's playful experiments with gender roles, which are beyond immediate. Same controversial as her public appearance are also her quotes. Even though, she once stated, that she is not a feminist, she laster on revealed in an interview with the LA Times, that she "a little bit of a feminist".

Carrie Underwood

carrie underwood

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“I wouldn’t call myself a feminist because that would conflict with my Christian values—you know, do unto others and all that.”
Country singer Carrie Underwood calls herself rather a strong female than a feminist.



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“I’m not a feminist. I’m into both men and women.”
The Queen of pop is not a feminist, but declares herself as a humanist.

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