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Windows 10 Upgrade 2016: What’s New?

Windows 10 is going to celebrate the first anniversary with the first major Windows 10 upgrade, which will be available for free from August 2 2016 on.

Microsoft is giving special attention to security features for consumer and enterprise customers, which are going to protect against safety risks. In addition, the browser will be more faster and powerful than it already is.

The new features of the Windows 10 upgrade at a glance

More security features for the new upgrade to Windows 10 

In future, Windows Hello (Windows Hello is a more personal, more secure way to get instant access to your Windows 10 devices using fingerprint or facial recognition, source: Microsoft support) allows biometric access to applications and to the browser Microsoft Edge. With this advanced features, users can sign up on websites without a password. In addition, the malware protection Windows Defender gets extended by an option, which regularly and quickly scans the computer. After completion of the scan, users get a summary and will be notified in the case of a threat.

New security features specifically for corporate customers

The service "Windows Defender Advanced thread Protection" identifies attacks by malicious software on the basis of sensor systems and evaluations of experts, including a team of experts at Microsoft. Furthermore, "Windows Information Protection" (until now Enterprise Data Protection) is proposed to protect companies against accidental data loss. The data protection mechanism works on the separation of personal information and corporate data regardless of where the data resides.

Digital writing with Windows Ink

According to Microsoft, a recent study showed, that the entry of handwritten digital notes is a more efficient instrument for absorbing information during the process of learning something than the use of a laptop with keyboard. Windows Ink is going to provide the users with a more natural writing experience like on paper, allowing the creation of digital "sticky notes". By integrating Windows Ink in Office 365 and other applications such as Microsoft Edge or the maps app, sharing of analog content in the digital world gets eased by using a pen.

Cortana gets advanced features

The digital assistant from Windows 10 is now able to support the user at a locked screen. In addition, the memory options of Cortana got expanded so that more information can be stored, accessed and synced across all devices. Microsoft Edge is going to work more efficient and faster. With the update, the browser is going to show sites more quickly and requires less disk space. In addition, background activities can be minimized. The new architecture of Microsoft Edge also supports modern Internet standards such HTLM5, CSS3 and ARIA. Furthermore, structures and content can be shown more clearly with supporting technologies. Extensions like the "Pin it button" for Pinterest and Amazon Wizard are now available in the Windows Store.

More fun playing

The Xbox Store will be merged with the Windows Store. With Xbox Play Anywhere, players pay for a game once to run it, but can save and share successes with other players on a Windows 10 PC or Xbox One. Moreover. Futhermore, Cortana will be available on the console and the possibility of playing background music will be given. The Windows 10 anniversary update allows gamers to select any available language, regardless of the country they are currently staying at.

Extra features for teachers and pupils

With the new app "Set up PC School", teachers are going to be able to set up the equipment of their students in only a few steps. Schools with a good IT support can use the updated tool "Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer" for configuring multiple devices simultaneously. The "Take a Test" app is designed for writing class test on the computer. The browser-based app creates a unique environment that ensures students not to copy and paste.

The Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary update is available for free for all Windows 10 devices. The free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 user ends on July 29 2016. After the deadline, customers only receive the Windows 10 and the Windows 10 upgrade commercially.

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