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Ronaldo: Five Least Known Facts

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most expensive football player ever and face of the EM 2016 - especially after his tragic injury during the final match in France. His tears and the subsequent appearance as a great motivator for his team Portugal made him to a real hero!

Here are Five Least Known Ronaldo Facts

His Real Name

Ronaldo's real name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santis Aveiro. His father was a big fan of actor and later on President of the United States Ronald Reagan and gave his son this middle name.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

Cristiano Ronaldo has a son called Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., born in June 2010. Senior is regularly posting pictures of him and his offspring on instagram. Nevertheless, the mother of the boy is still not (officially) known. A rumor says, that she is a young British student, who received a lot of money for giving sole custody to the father. Ronaldo's son has no contact to his mother and it seems like it should stay like this. He revealed in a TV documentary: "Some time I'll try to explain it to him. I'm sure, he will understand".

Alcohol? No!

Cristiano Ronaldo never drinks alcohol. The reason: his father died at age 51 by the consequences of alcoholism.
christiano ronaldo

CC Ludovic Peron flickr


Some people think that Cristiano Ronaldo seems very arrogant and narcissistic. But maybe everything is just a facade. Since 2012, the Real Madrid player is ambassador of the organization "Save the Children". He also donated his bonus for the Champions League Victory of Real Madrid to the charity organization.

Mobbing Victim

Cristiano Ronaldo was already a very good soccer player and crush boy in school. This was the reason, jealous classmates started teasing him. A former room-mate at the Sporting Academy in Lisbon revealed in is book, that it was obviously very difficult for Ronaldo. People also called him "crybaby", because he quickly bursted out in tears.

Cristiano ronaldo age: born in February 5, 1985 Cristiano Ronaldo net worth: 320 million USD
 Featured Image CC Simon Harriyot flickr

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