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Famous Pakistanis: Who was Abdul Sattar Edhi?

Famous Pakistanis

Abdul Sattar Edhi

He was founder of one of Pakistans greatest foundations, which helped millions of poor babys, children and people regardless of their origin or religion and he was probably one of the most remarkable philantrophists, who ever lived on this world: Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi's case is really exceptional and showed, that everyone - from wealthy or poor background - can help. Born in South India in 1928 as the child of a commission agent, he emigrated in 1947 after the establishement of the state Pakistan to Karachi. The poverty in this city shocked Edhi, who was selling pencils and matchsticks during that time. From a part of his income, he started purchasing medication for people, who couldn't affort them on their own and opened a pharmacy with the help of a doctor. Edhi saw dead bodies on the streets. Bodies from people, whose relatives couldn't afford a stately funeral. Or from people, nobody cared about. Edhi saw, took action and helped. These were only the beginnings of the nowadays biggest charitable organisation in Pakistan: The Edhi Foundation.

"Love to the people is the love to God" - Edhi

The Edhi Foundation

The Edhi foundation was built up in six decades. Today, it includes clinics, orphanages, soup kitchens, baby hatches and much more. Many of the people, Edhi once helped with his foundation, are nowadays working for it. The remarkable thing about the founder himself: he kept on sleeping and living in a windowless room behind his office in Karachi. According to him, simplicity, honesty, hard work, punctuality and the responsibility to take care of others are the keys to success.

The red and white ambulances with the loud sirens from Edhi's foundation will still drive through many cities in Pakistan, but Edhi will not hear them anymore while sitting in the streets of Karachi, waiting for donations of the simple folk. The founder of the Edhi Foundation, a foundation which already helped millions of people, the great Abdul Sattar Edhi, died on July 8, 2016 at the age of 88 in Karachi. Pakistan's Premier minister Nawaz Sharif stated, that the country Pakistan lost a great servant of humanity. Edhi Sahab was buried in an honorable state funural, attended by thousands of people. The last act of kindness: now, his two donated corneas give vision to two blind persons.

Bilquise, Edhis' wife, and their four children are going to continue Edhi's work.

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