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horror movie cliches

44 Funniest Movie Cliches Made in Hollywood

Hollywood Movie Cliches

More than 100 years of Hollywood movies created approximately more than 1000 common cliches. But almost no film director dares to release a motion picture without at least some of them in it. The reason: the viewers are secretly expecting them. A movie without any cliche wouldn't be mainstraim and therefore most probably no box-office hit. Every bomb has a digital display, punches always sound like someone with a crispbread in his mouth got pushed face ahead against a wall and every cop, who is right before getting retired is going to die - yes, movie cliches are sometimes the reason, why people love watching motion pictures.

Common Movie Cliche List

  • Shopping bags are always brown paper bags without handles, which easily break. On top is always healthy, green stuff instead of sweets or chips.
  • Someone coughing in the beginning/ middle of a movie without any reason becomes terminally ill in the end.
  • Doesnt matter what: the driver is never looking at the road.
  • Russians, Germans and Chinese people are always the bad guys.
  • Hackers are in general typing like crazy.
  • People always marry in a church.
  • The third person in a car usually sits on the uncomfortable middle seat in the back.
  • The offender admits everything to the main character. After that, he gets shot.
  • Gambling scenes get supported by a space-invaders sound backdrop.
  • The serial killer likes to decorate his room/walls with photos of his previous/future victims.
  • If the main character is an investigator or agent and has a child, the child gets kidnapped. In the end, all will be well.
  • Stranded on an island? The protagonists still have no beard growth.
  • If the protagonist is an agent and he gets along well with his boss, he will later on betray him. If its the other way around, the boss will later on save the agents life.
  • Bad guys like to listen to classical music.
  • Lightbusters have to make a "bzzzzz" sound.
  • New born babys look perfectly clean and have no umbilical cord.
  • Shotguns get continiously recharged.
  • The fat guy is funny.
  • A tennie film includes following characters (besides the protagonist): beautiful and bitchy girls, the nerd guy, stoners, metal-freaks, athletes.
  • The protagonist in childrens films has two friends: a boy and a girl.
  • Someone who urgently needs a pill, takes a handful - as if they are smarties.
  • Indians never attack during the night.
  • In romantic cliches movies, after having sex with each other, the woman covers her breast with a blanket while the guy only covers his lower part of the body - like nothing really happened between them.
  • The music in clubs seems to be only as loud so that everyone can talk in a normal voice.
  • A detained, who wants to go to toilet, is going to try to escape form here.

(Teen) Horror Movie Cliches List

  • A woman/girl is walking through a haunted house, trying to find out where the strange noise comes from - only wearing revealing underwear.
  • Gates of haunted houses never get oiled.
  • Village people warn the main character about malicious places. After receiving the informations, the first thing he/she does, is visiting this place.
  • A funfair without a barrel organ is not a funfair.
  • Children are always creepy.
  • The specialist and old bookstore has the certain book with the solution about the mysterious incidents.
  • Teens, who already had sex in the horror movie, die. Same with the dumb and pretty girl.

Action Movie Cliches

  • Every lift can be opened upwardly.
  • After switching on the tv or radio, people will see/hear the expected information.
  • There is at least one doctor, a pregnant and/or hysteric woman, a former pilot, a clergyman and a rioter on board of a long-haul flight.
  • In the decisive battle between the good guy and the bad guy is the bad guy the one, who is about to win. The tide turns, when someone (most of the time a woman) shouts the name of the good guy.
  • Firearms without any ammunition get thrown away immediately. It seems like the protagonists/characters never heard about the possibility to refill them.
  • Cars always explode. Always.
  • The hero is picking up the phone and hangs up after 5 seconds with the words "thanks". After that, it takes half an hour to explain everything from the telephone conversation to the other persons (waiting in a room).
  • Good guys always close their eyes before getting killed, bad guys keep them open.
  • Parked cars usually have a key in the ignition lock.
  • Bond-girls wake up with perfect hair.
  • The clothes of every security guard, who gets shot down by the hero, fit the protagonist like a glove.
  • The car explodes - but only, after the protagonist is already out.
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