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Coconut Oil: Ten Cool Ways How to Use It

Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is currently in any hit list when it comes to cleansing and care products. It's extracted from the dried pulp of the coconut and is the oil with the largest proportion of easy digestively, medium-chain fatty acids. One coconut consists to 35 % of oil. Models, actors, chefs - everyone is using it. Here are 10 amazing coconut oil benefits for skin and hair. 

Ten Cool Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Usage No 1: Make-up Remover

Coconut oil is a natural and well tolerated make-up remover. Due to its antibacterial and antiseptic effect, it is also suitable for very sensitive skin. Coconut oil for face also removes waterproof mascara.

Coconut Oil Usage No 2: Body Oil

Stretch marks recede faster if they get treaten with oil. Virgin coconut oil is perfect for that, because it stimulates the natural healing process and speeds it up. The oil should get applied by a massage, because then it can better penetrate into the skin, the blood circulation gets stimulated and the skin gets more elasticity. 

Coconut Oil Usage No 3: Brush Cleaner

One tablespoon coconut oil mixed with antibacterial soap and some water can be used as a brush cleaner.

Coconut Oil Usage No 4: Lip and Nail Treatment

Coconut oil makes brittle lips supple again. Some liquid oil should get filled into a small jar to let it harden. It not only nourishes the lips, but also has an antibacterial effect through the contained lauric acid and caprylic acid and is therefore a natural way to remove herpes. Cuticle and nails also get strengthened by the moisture of coconut oil.

coconut oil exracting

CC Tracy Hunter flickr, Coconut oil extracting machine

Coconut Oil Usage No 5: Anti Aging

Natural, not-heated and pure coconut oil contains natural antioxidants, which protect the skin against harmful environmental influences. Through the vitamins and minerals in the coconut oil, it provides a beautiful and clear skin texture. Furthermore, coconut oil has a natural sun protection factor of 4.

Coconut Oil Usage No 6: Mouth Oil Cure

Mouth oil cure is a very old method against bad breath. You need to take a tablespoon of oil, put it into your mouth and suck it through the teeth for 15 to 20 minutes (!). The contained fatty acids also prevent caries. After some mouth il cure treatment sessions, the teeth become whiter and smoother.

Coconut Oil Usage No 7: Body Peeling

For a body peeling, you need to heat half a cup coconut oil with a handful sea salt and sugar. The whole body should get rubbed, especially the dry spots like arms knees and elbows. While heating the oil, you should be careful: if it gets too hot, the salt- and sugarcrystal can dissolve and the peeling effect would be gone.

Coconut Oil Usage No 8: Hair Treatment

The vitamins and minerals strengthen the hair from inside, give gloss and maintain the sensitive scalp. For a coconut oil hair treatment, you need to put a hazelnut-sized amount on the hairlines and the towel-dried hair-ends. Then wrap your hair into a towel and let is absorb for around 45 to 60 minutes. 

coconut oil

CC Pseph flickr, coconut oil and butters

Coconut Oil Usage No 9: Shaving Cream

Before shaving the legs, it is a good idea to rub them with coconut oil. The moisturizing antibacterial oil protects the skin against irritations.

Coconut Oil Usage No 10: Coconut Oil for Skin Calming

Perfect for the summer: a thin film of coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory effect on insect bites and sunburn. Placing the oil in the fridge gives an additional cooling effect.

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