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How to get into Berghain Club in Berlin

How to get into Berghain

Everybody in Berlin knows "the Berghain", the most famous nightclub in the German capital and one of the best known techno clubs in the world. But not everybody knows, how it looks from inside. Yes, the Berghain is not only the most famous club in Berlin, but also known for its very strict doorman policy. Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt is as well-known as the club itself. Since it opened in 2004 is he deciding, who is allowed to spend a night in Europes "in" club.

Sven Marquardt is actually a very good photographer and real legend in Berlin-Friedrichshain. His face-tattoos and piercings make him look a little bit intimidating, but he is actually said to be very nice. The door policy is a huge secret and nobody exactly knows, who is allowed to get in and who has to walk the "walk of shame" - the way back along the line. Even famous UK-DJ Richie Hawtin was one of the persons, who had to walk back in 2009 -  which was by the way a big scandal at that time. The bouncer, who rejected pop-princess Britney Spears got fired after it became public, that he didn't let her in because of her sneakers and the refused famous DJ and producer Felix da Housecat accused the Berlin Berghain to have a rassistic door policy.

Here are some Tips from several sources how to get into Berghain:

  • The Berghain club Berlin is a former gay club, which was also called Ostgut. Until now it's considered as "heterofriendly" and most of the partying people are gays. It's an advantage to (at least seem) gay-friendly.
  • Overstyled girls or young women, so called "disco-girls", have almost zero chances to come in. Being a very beautiful girl is on the other hand a huge advantage to pass the door.
  • Black clothes and a rucksack are pretty much appreciated. Handbags on the other hand not.
  • It's good to be there around 12 am. Sven Marquardt is most of the time standing at the door frame with some other bouncers. The one he would like to dance with on the fancefloor comes in. It's easy as that.
  • Try to stand behind tourists. Most tourists seem too nervous, are too overdressed or are acting too cool to come in. The bouncers easily notice if someone is even a little bit nervous or desperate to get in at least once. People behind a group of tourists have better chances to get in, because they automatically seem more relaxed.
  • Never be drunk or drink alcohol in the line.
  • Try to look sexy. Have a nice haircut or good make-up.
  • The bouncers like to keep the door closed for a whole group, if they want only one person from this group to not get in. Thats why its better to come with 1-3 other persons. Not more.
  • Nobody is allowed to take drugs into the club.
  • How does Berghain looks inside? Only people, who've already been there know it. Cameras are strictly forbidden. Smartphones are allowed, but whoever tries to take pictures has to calculate with his pay off.
  • The most important thing is to look like yourself, which means to look confident. Look deeply into the bouncers eyes, don't be scared and the potential to come in is very high.
Nevertheless everyone, who gets rejected should not try to discuss and just leave. Some people try it a second time and are sometimes lucky.

For everyone, who comes into one of the best clubs in Berlin: The Berghain is divided into two floors - on top is the Panorama Bar and below the actual Berghain with a dance floor for up to 1,500 people. While the Panorama Bar comes up with deep house sounds, can people expect in the basement - the actual Berghain - hard techno sounds in dim light and the infamous Berghain Dark Room. 

The Berghain Club in Berlin is open on Friday and Saturday from 12 am until Monday morning 8-10 am.

Featured image CC Michael Meyer flickr

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