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20 Worst Paying Jobs in Germany 2015

Worst Paying Jobs Germany

Every job has its worth. But some professions are pretty much low-paid - even in economically flourishing Germany. Finding a good paid job in Germany is not even always easy even for locals. The following list is taken from a website called and shows the worst paying jobs in Germany from 2015:


Hairdressers most of the time stand up while working. Furthermore are a lot of salons also open on Saturdays. Short breaks are very often not possible and especially hairdressing chains, which offer hairstyles for cheap prices, is the craft more like assembly line work .


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Average yearly salary: 22.245 USD Average monthly salary: 1.854 USD Hourly rate: 11 USD

2. Kitchen Assistant

The job as a kitchen or washing assistant is very tough and hectic, because sometimes its require to be very fast. In addition are kitchen assistants also working during nights, weekends and holidays.

kitchen assistant

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Average yearly salary: 20.187 USD Average monthly salary: 1.876 USD Hourly rate: 11 USD

3. Waiter

Also waiters are not only working during the day, but also at night, on weekends and holidays. This job is especially hectic at peak times during lunch or after office. 


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Average yearly salary: 23.186 USD Average monthly salary: 1.932 USD Hourly rate: 11 USD

4. Cashiers

Hustle and bustle are normal for cashiers - especially if they are working in discount stores, where customers want to be cashed as soon as possible. At peak hours, short rest breaks are hardly possible .


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Average yearly salary: 25.578 USD Average monthly salary: 2.132 USD Hourly rate: 12 USD

5. Cook

This job also is characterized by irregular working hours and hectic. Particularly at peak times is the pressure huge, while the chef still has to be concentrated and work carefully.


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Average yearly salary: 25.998 USD Average monthly salary: 2.166 USD Hourly rate: 12,50 USD

6. Receptionist

Especially in restaurants and hotels are the working hours on weekends and evenings standard. In companies or practices are receptionists also undertaking some administrative tasks .


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Average yearly salary: 26.316 USD Average monthly salary: 2.193 USD Hourly rate: 13 USD

7. Care Staff

Nurses usually work in sifts and are often physically and mentally charged up. Heavy liftings and carrying persons as well as short breaks are part of the profession.

care staff

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Average yearly salary: 26.326 USD Average monthly salary: 2.194 USD Hourly rate: 13 USD

8. Call Center Agent

Call center agents usually work in open-plan offices, where the noise level is relatively high and concentrating on each and every customer very difficult.

call center agent

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Average yearly salary: 27.011 USD Average monthly salary: 2.251 USD Hourly rate: 13 USD

9. Dental Assistant

As a dental assistant is a strong sense of responsibility necessary. Working in clinics also includes weekend and night services. 

dental assitant

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Average yearly salary: 27.186 USD Average monthly salary: 2.265 USD Hourly rate: 13 USD

10. Seller

Long working hours, dealing with unfriendly customers and stress at times before Christmas or Easter - the job as a seller is not always easy. The ones standing at workstations are often suffering from back problems. 


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Average yearly salary: 28.794 USD Average monthly salary: 2.399 USD Hourly rate: 14 USD

11. Professional Driver

Professional drivers always have to be highly concentrated and have to get over irregular working hours . The ones working in the long-distance transport have mostly little time for family, friends and hobbies . The pressure is often very high, because on the one hand wants the boss the driver to transport the goods as quickly as possible from A to B. On the other hand is it a must for him to comply break and traffic regulations - a balancing act for most professional drivers .

professional driver

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Average yearly salary: 29.135 USD Average monthly salary: 2.428 USD Hourly rate: 14 USD

12. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists work under duress. Their must be physiologically very resistant, because they are dealing with people, who sufferd from accidents or are terminally ill. 


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Average yearly salary: 29.281 USD Average monthly salary: 2.188 USD Hourly rate: 14 USD

13. Doctor's Assistant

Doctor's Assitants also sometimes have to work on weekends and nights due to emergency services. Especially mental stability is required, because they often have to do deal with different blows from a bunch of people everyday. In addition medical assistants are having a high risk of getting an infection. 

doctors assistant

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Average yearly salary: 30.260 USD Average monthly salary: 2.522 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

14. Geriactric Nurse

Irregular working hours, heavy physical work and mental stress situations belong to this profession. Geriatric nurses often don't get enough time for the emotional problems of the old people. 

geriatric nurse

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Average yearly salary: 30.802USD Average monthly salary: 2.567 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

15. Housemaster

Some housemasters also work at night, on Sundays and public holidays. In addition, they must be on call and work in all weathers outdoors. Even dirty work is one of the tasks, such as cleaning blocked drains, toilets or waste separation. 


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Average yearly salary: 30.935 USD Average monthly salary: 2.578 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

16. Warehouse Manager

As warehouse manager is it possible to work in shifts work, outdoors and/or under extreme loud machinery noise and noise of vehicles. 

warehouse manager

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Average yearly salary: 31.180 USD Average monthly salary: 2.599 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

17. Travel Skilled Employees

Most travel agents work sitting down or standing. They sometimes also work on Saturdays. The staff working in stores at airports not only on Saturdays, but also Sudays and on public holidays.  

office employees

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Average yearly salary: 31.183 USD Average monthly salary: 2.599 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

18. TeleSales Employees

TheSales Employees have to be very good in stress management, the staff has to aquire customers in open plan offices. 


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Average yearly salary: 31.352 USD Average monthly salary: 2.612 USD Hourly rate: 15 USD

19. Opticians

Optometrists often work during normal business opening times and usually also on Saturdays. 


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Average yearly salary: 32.268 USD Average monthly salary: 2.689 USD Hourly rate: 16 USD

20. Craftsmen

Craftsmen have to do tough physical work at sometimes irregular working hours and conditions - for example outside during a cold winter.


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Average yearly salary: 33.477 USD Average monthly salary: 2.790 USD Hourly rate: 16 USD

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