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beauty and the beast 2017

Beauty and the Beast 2017: Scenes We are Eager to See

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Scenes

The Folk Tale from 18th Century

The Beauty and the Beast movie from 1991 and its upcoming real life adaption are based on two folk tales from France. The story according Villeneuve (1740) spins around a trader and his six daugthers. The youngest (Belle = the Beauty) of them is also the most modest one. When her father's merchants ships get into a storm is the family forced to move into a country house. Later on is her father taking off to a journey. Belle's only wish? A rose. On his way back is he getting lost in the forest, but find's shelter in a castle. Belle's father spends the night in the festively decorated palace. Right before he wants to leave is he picking a rose for his youngest daugther. The Beast, who is also the owner of the castle, is getting angry about the old man taking his most precious good. The animal finally allowes him to take the rose, if he is going to bring his daugther instead. The merchant takes the condition and Belle starts living with the Beast in his beautiful and luxury castle for several months until she wants to go back home. In the end, she realises that the prince, who appeared in some of her dreams, is actual the Beast. They finally marry and live happily together. The story according to Beaumont (1756) is almost the same and only varies in very detailed descriptions of the characters.

The Beauty and the Beast 1991

One of the most famous adaptions of the story is the Beauty and the Beast 1991 movie from Disney. Especially girls born in the 1990s love this movie a lot. An Academy Award for best song and best origical score plus a box-office receipt of 146 million USD are other factors why Disney is going to release a real life adaption Beauty and the Beast 2017 version with the beautiful Emma Watson as Belle!

The Beauty and the Beast 2017 teaser trailer already got released in May 2016 and it made us really hungry to see the whole film. The cast includes i.a. Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Stanley Tucci (Cadenza).

Yes it reminds us so much of the Disney Movie from 1991 that we already want to cry by watching this! Especially the music. We hope that the movie is going to include almost all of the original songs and some very beautiful scenes, we are eager to see:

The Library Scene I

beauty and the beast library 1

We hope that the Beauty and the Beast 2017 film will include the library scene from the beginning of the original movie. On first place comes for Belle her father Maurice and on second obviously her books (later on let's hope that the Beast comes first). In the library scene is the old bookseller gifting Belle with a green book, which gets dirty in a puddle outside. Belle is cleaning it with her white apron - if thats not real love!

Be Our Guest

beauty and the beast be my guest

We would say that Be Our Guest is the most famous song in the animated version. No one elese than Lumiere, the candlestick, starts "Be our Guest, be our guest...". He gets accompanied by the other inhabitants of the castle, which mostly include cutlery (which are former human servants). This scene was probably one of the most difficult to shoot, but we still hope that it will appear in the Beauty and the Beast 2017 movie in the same colourful way as in the 1991 version.

Beast Protects Belle

beauty and the beast beast protects belle

At the beginning are Belle and the Beast not in a good condition. Belle tries to escape from the castle with her horse, but gets lost in the dark and snowy forest. Before wolves are about to attack her is it the Beast, who saves the beauty. This is basically the starting point of their love relationship and it shows Belle, that the Beast is actually really nice.

Library Scene II

beauty and the beast library scene

This scene is one of the most awesome for every fan of books. The Beast wants to surprise Belle - who is by the way wearing a very beautiful green dress - and brings her into the castle's library. "They are all yours". Thanks, Beast.

Singing in the Snow - Somewhere There

beauty and the beast singing in the snow

The Beauty and the Beast castle is for sure one of the most beautiful things in the movie. And yes, the 2017 teaser trailer shows basically nothing else than the inside of it. The scenery for the song Singing in the Snow is outside and shows a very beautiful winter-castle sort of landscape. The best part is Belle's beautiful singing right behind the tree, when she is waving one of her hair strands right to the side.

The Beauty and the Beast 2017 Ballroom Scene

beauty and the beast ballroom scene Almost everybody connects the Beauty and the Beast movie with the famous ballroom scene. Since 25 years is Belle's dress one of the most beloved costumes. Just imagine Emma Watson dancing to Tale as Old as Time with the Beast (Dan Stevens) - thats magic!

Beasts' Transformation

beauty and the beast beasts transformation

Okay, this scene somehow looks a little bit strange in the 1991 version. When the Beasts' paws get transformed into human feet, when he turns around, looking into Belle's eyes - yes, we felt a little bit ashmed as children when we saw it. Its pretty much greasy. But nevertheless are we eager to see it, because this scene marks the first kiss between Belle and the Beast äh Prince.

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