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Sergey Lazarev: 20 Interesting Facts

Sergey Lazarev Facts

We already provided you with 20 interesting and very quick facts about the German act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 called Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. Now its Russias turn. Sergey Lazarev was one of the favourite acts for the Eurovision 2016 with his single "You are the Only One". Here are 20 Sergey Lazarev Facts:
  • Sergey was born on 1 April 1983 in Moscow, Russia. Thats why his lucky number is 1.
  • His parents got divorced when he was a child.
  • He began singing at age 9 in a choir.
  • He won his first award at age 14.
  • He also did his first shave at age 14.
  • From 2001 to 2004 was Sergey a member of the duo  Smash!!! (along with Vlad Topalow)The band was also successful in some Asian countries like Thailand.
  • Sergey Lazarov's first album was released in 2005 and got sold more than 300.000 times.
  • Sergey Lazarov is a huge popstar in Russia and gets supported by a big fanbase.
  • He is a trained actor and studied a the Moscow Art Theatre from 2000 to 2004.
  • Was a contestant on Russias's Dancing on Ice in 2006.
  • He already tried to compete for ESC 2008, but only reached fourth place in the preliminary decision.
© Okras Wikimedia

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  • Was a judge in the show Holow Krainy, the Ukrainian version of “The Voice”.
  • Sergey received the "Russian National Music Awards" for 2015.
  • Besides singing and acting is he also synchronizing movies.
  • Sergey and Russian presenter Lera Kudryavtseva were dating for several year until their relationship broke off in 2012. The two were considered as the dreamcouple of the Russian showbusiness.
  • He is the owner of a shop called Poodle-Strudel, where people can buy i.a. pastries for their pooches.
  • He thinks about that his esc song "You are the Only One" is: "[...] incredibly appealing".
  • He doesn't like onions or garlic.
  • Sergey Lazarov's eurovision 2016 show will be very unique and impressive. He was working together with Greek choreographer and stage director Fokas Evangelinos.
  • His elder brother Pavel died in March 2015 a few days after an accident. Initially did he survive only with a broken nose, some bruises and a head injury. His health got worse a few days after that and he finally died in a hospital. Pavel was released from prison in summer 2014, where he was jailed for posession of illegal substances.
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