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janet jackson famous female converts to islam

Six Famous Female Converts to Islam

Famous Muslims

More than a quarter of all people in the world are Muslims. According to PewResearchCenter is the whole population going to grow up to 35 % in the next decades, while the number of Muslims is going to grow up to 73 %. It's expected, that until 2050 around 1/3 of people in the world will belong to Islam. There are two main reasons for it: Muslim women have in average the highest number of children (3,1) compared to Christians (2,7) or other non-Muslim religions (2,3) and people, who belong to Islam, have the youngest median age (23).

With the growth of the Muslim population in the whole world, the faith and way of life of Muslims is also spreading to people, who are non-muslims and still on their search in what to believe, - especially in Europe and the US (around 100000 converts every year)- are questioning their current religion or got such a good impression and guidance from (a) Muslim person/s, that they want to come closer to this/the person/s level. These people maybe find their peace in Islam.

Famous Female Celebrities Who Have Converted to Islam

Jemima Khan (UK)

Jemima Khan convert

Jemima Khan, DFID - UK Department for International Development under CC

Jemima Khan (born Goldsmith) is the former wife of ex Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan. The then 21 year old British Jewish heiress converted to Islam a few months before their marriage ceremony in 1995, stating that it was her own "conviction" (Sunday Telegraph, May 1995). Afterwards she was living with her husband Imran Khan and their two sons for around nine years in Pakistan.

Janet Jackson (US)

janet jackson islam

Janet Jackson, -MaDMAn- under CC

Janet Jackson, the younger sister of King of Pop Michael Jackson, married Muslim billionaire business magnate Wissam Al Mana in 2012. Three years later in 2015, it became public, that Janet converted to Islam after she studied the religion and its followers. Since then, she is covering up herself and sometimes even wears hijab.

Kristiane Baker (Germany)

Kristiane Baker is a former MTV Europe-presenter from Germany. According to her book "From MTV to Mecca", it was Imran Khan, who brought her closer to Islam by giving her books, talking with her about religion and showing her his motherland Pakistan. She converted in 1995 at age 29 in a mosque in London.

Sophie Guillemin (France)

Sophie Guillemin convert islam

Sophie Guillemin, Georges Biard under CC

French actress Sophie Guillemin, who starred next to Audrey Tautou in the movie He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not, converted to Islam at age 22 in 1999. After that, she refused shooting any more naked scenes in movies. One of the main influencers of her decision to convert to Islam was the father of her 2004 born daugther, who is from the Comoros. Sophie Guillemin is wearing hijab.

Felixia Yeap (Malaysia)

Felixia Yeap is a former Malaysian model and since now the countries only Playboy bunny. Yeap started wearing a hijab in December 2013, which caused a lot of controversies in her country. In July 2014, she officialy converted to Islam.

Julia Volkova (Russia)

yulia volkova islam

Yulia Volkova, Julia Volkova under CC

Julia Volkova was a member of the Russian cult band t.A.T.u. She revealed in 2013 in an interview with the Hello Magazine, that she converted to Islam three years ago and would not exclude to live in a Moslem country.

Featured image -MaDMAn- flickr under CC

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