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pencil drawing

Pencil Drawings: Ten Easy and Simple Sketches

Pencil Drawings

Drawing is a great activity for everybody! Even for those, who think they can't even sketch a three-dimensional box without it looking like a crooked tv. Just search a motive, that you want to draw. Some people prefer pencil drawings of animals, some like to sketch faces and others favour simple pencil sketches of houses. Instead of starting with a motive from your mind, take a photo to sketch (that especially helps with portraits). The advantage of pencil drawing to other carcol painting or oil painting is clear: you only need paper, pen, some time and you have to be in the mood for it. Nothing else. Here are some very simple pencil drawing examples, that just evolved...yes... from boredem.  
black and white drawings

Woman with 1920s haircut and eyebrows

pencil art

Paper sketch

colored pencil art


art drawings

Sketch of Sonja's head from Christian Schad's painting "Sonja" from 1929

pencil drawings

Lizard from German cover picture of Alex Garland's novel "The Beach"

pencil sketches

Hello Kitty with flowers

sketch drawing

Model with Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" hairstyle

t-strap pumps

T-strap pumps

photo to sketch

A Doll's Face

pencil drawing

Statue men's back

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