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Five Celebrities With Heterochromia

Celebrities with Heterochromia

"Eyes are the windows to the soul" is a very famous saying. But what about people with two different eye colours? Are they having two different personalities? Fact is that it's fascinating metting a person with a brown and blue, blue and green or green and brown eye. Among experts, this is also called heterochromia. People with iris heterochromia suffer from a pigment disorder of the iris. This means one eye produces less of the hormone melatonin than the other one.  The result is either two different eye colours or two different colours within one or two iris'.

The Different Types of Iris Heterochromia

Complete heterochromia - the eyes have completely different colours (one eye is brown, the other one blue)

Sectoral heterochromia - one eye has a segment of another colour (both eyes are blue, one has a brown segment)

Mix of complete and sectoral heterochromia - two completely different eye colours + a segment of another colour in one of the eyes (one eye is blue, the other one green. In the green eye is a brown pigment)

Central heterochromia - different eye colours within both eyes (blue eyes with a brown center)

David Bowies eyes are not in two different colours

Some celebrities are famous for their different eye colours. But people who think that David Bowie had a complete heterochromia, lies wrong. He only had an enlarged pupil (anisocoria = different sizes of the pupil) due to a fight in his youth. David Bowies eye colour was pure blue.

Here are our five celebrities with heterochromia: 

Kate Bosworth

kate bosworth eyes

CC Eva Rinaldi Wikimedia

Profession: actress ("Blue Crush", "21") , model. Eye Colours: blue, brown (segment). Form: sectoral heterochromia.

Jane Seymour

jane seymour eyes

CC Alan Light flickr

Profession: actress ("Dr. Quinn"). Eye Colours: brown (with green pigments), green. Form: mix of complete and sectoral heterochromia.

Astrid Berges-Frisbey

astrid berges frisbey eyes

CC Georges Biard Wikimedia

Profession: actress ("Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", "I, Origins"), model. Eye Colours: green, brown (center). Form: central heterochromia. Read more about Astrid here

Henry Cavill

henry cavill eyes

CC discutivo flickr

Profession: actor ("The Tudors", "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"). Eye Colours: blue, brown (pigment). Form: sectoral heterochromia.

Josh Henderson

josh henderson eyes celebrities with heterochromia

CC Dominick D flickr

Profession: actor ("Desperate Housewives", "The Girl Next Door"), model, singer. Eye Colours: blue, green. Form: complete heterochromia.
 Featured Image: CC discutivo flickr

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