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How to Lose Weight With Six Very Simple and Easy Tricks

How to Lose Weight Tips

Where to lose fat

belly fat

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Some people have mostly belly fat, others want to get skinnier legs and some people have balanced proportions. If a person is already built with more fat around the hips, it's almost impossible to be completely skinny without looking "too skinny" on the upper part of the body. Most models belong to the last group of people with a balanced proportion. It means every part of their body can be completely skinny without looking unproportional. So its also about luck or what mother earth gave you. Same with metabolism. Some people have a better one, some not. The older a person gets, the worse is the digestion. Thing is that if you are type "belly fat" and want to get a flat belly, you will also lose weight on your (already) skinny rest of the body.

Tip 1: Wear Tight Clothes

"You have to suffer to be beautiful". In this case, its true. But be aware of keeping apart tight clothes with comfortable clothes, which are tight fitting. So no materials like stretch should be included. Men can for example wear a perfect fitting suit for office, women always very tight and shaping underwear. It will make you notice immediately, if you ate too much. The best sign is if you have to open your jacket to sit in a relaxed position. If you are at home, try not to to wear sweatpants. Famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said it right: "A person who is wearing sweatpants, already lost control over his life".

Tip 2: See Eating as a Must, not a Pleasure

This sounds a little bit extreme, but its at least a way to avoid eating if you are not hungry. Thats namely what a lot of people do, because eating is of course a real pleasure. Maybe this sounds a little bit cheesy, but before starting your second dessert, try to think about people, who don't have such a variety of fresh and tasty food everyday. Some would love to eat only a fresh apple once a week. Keep in mind that starving up to a certain point is also a fountain of youth.

Tip 3: Eat a Chocolate Bar Everyday!

chocolate bar

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A very simple, but effective trick: A chocolate bar everyday keeps your ravenous appetite away!

Tip 4: Be (not extremely, but a little bit) Stressed

Some people are stressed and eat a lot, but in most cases people are stressed and cannot eat (that much). But yes of course, in general, we dont want anybody to feel stressed. It not only makes people look older, but its also not good for the health. Nevertheless, some worries then and now are okay and bring you (according to what we've experienced) back in shape. In the end, in most cases everything will be fine.

Tip 5: Touch Your Face Regularly Right Down the Temple Instead of Using a Scale!

We think that other than at the doctors appointment is a scale only important for measuring the ingredients for a cake! If you fit perfectly into your (tight) clothes, your weight is alright. No matter what the scale says. Instead of using this equipment as a measure of success, use your fingers and touch your face down the temple. Is there more "meat" (let's not assume that you have naturally chubby face) than usual, you've most probably gained some weight. The good thing is that you can use this method everytime!

Tip 6: Only Eat a Sandwich in Office!

egg sandwich

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Sitting in an office can sometimes be harder than physical work. But still, people are mostly sitting. And thats why we recommend to only eat a sanwich during the time being in office. It sounds hard, but it will be harder to get rid of all the fat once its there. Use a sandwich with egg, cheese, light cream cheese and some vegetables. If you get hungry in office, drink water or eat a banana.
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