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Guinea Pig: Six Interesting Facts

Guinea Pig Facts

The Guinea Pig is one of the most popular pets in Europe and the US. Actually from Latin America, where it is in some countries seen as a delicacy, were it dutchmen, who brought them to Europe. Since the 16th century, when the traders and sailors "imported" the small rodents, they became more and more popular. Now, cute guinea pigs are beloved by both adults and children for their innocent look and cute character. Here are 6 interesting facts about the nice pets:

It Communicates in Different Noises

guinea pig

CC Virginie Moerenhout flickr

Guinea pig sounds and noises are incredibly cute! And yes, they have all different meanings. A loud squeal for example is a nice welcome for the holder.  A rattling with the teeth is often used in conflict situations with cage partners or rivals. If a guina pig is rattling his teeth in front of the holder, he just doesn't want to follow his instructions. A "vibrating" rodent probably just doesn't feel comfortable and a loud chirping means, he feels stressed or socially overstrained. This noise is also very common for pregnant guinea pigs.

The Guinea Pig is Hetero

In the last years, some people in guinea pig forums spread the rumor, that female rodents  like to mount other females and theother way around. They funnily observed, how one was mounting the other in all different variations and concluded, that their ginnie pig must be leasbian or gay.  What in most peoples eyes look likea sexual intercourse is in truth - consider a male ginny pig is not mounting a female - only a way to set the hierarchy in the cage.

The Cute Rodent is Vegan

guinea pig food

CC Gerbil's daugther flickr

Next to rabbits and hamster does the guinea pig belong to the group of animals, which are naturally vegan. Their favourite food is grass and hay. Besides that, the cute rodents also like fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs and especially branches. Some holders like to spoil their animals with a lot of concentrated feed, which sometimes causes in overweight. If the stomach is getting fatter and fatter, its the right time to start a guinea pig diet, consisting basically only of a lot of hay.

Some Guinea Pig Breeds Need a Weekly Haircut

Guinea Pigs are divided into around 4 different rough categories - satins, giants, short hair and long hair. Guinea pigs in the last group include around 9 different breeds, who all have one thing in common: they need a regular haircut. Especially when its getting hot in summer, its important to cut the fur to a lenght, that doesn't disturb them  during walking.

The Oldest Guinea Pig Died At Age 14

The average guinea pig life span lies around between four to eight years.  But if it is in a really healthy condition, up to 15 years are possible. The oldest rodent called Snowball for example died at age 14 (+ 10 1/2 months) in 1979. The oldest one in Berlin is/was called Flocki just turned 11, when newspapers lastly reported about him in 2009.

A Japanese Woman is Designing Clothes for Guinea Pigs

Maki Yamada is a 31 year old Japanese fashion designer for guinea pig clothes. From wedding costumes to cowboy hats was everything available in an online-shop called guineapigfashion. Now, the site is unfortunately under construction, whereas the gallery is still worth to take a look at. Even though some animal activist are probably not going to like it, they still have to admit, that the guinea pigs in blue aprons or curly wigs look incredibly cute! Inspiration behind the fashion line was a visit to the zoo, where Maki just fell in love with the small rodents.

Featured Image CC Jay Reed flickr
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