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How to Become a Flight Attendant

Why is it still a dream to become a flight attendant in the year 2016? Because being a flight attendant is not a job, its an admired attitude. How to become a flight attendant...

Famous movie "Catch me if You Can" with Leonardo DiCaprio includes one scene, which beared in everybodys mind. Leonardo in the role of John Abagdale pretending to be a real pilot, walking out of the Airport - with what? Almost a dozen flight attendants.

The movie plays in the 60s. And in the 60s was the time, when flying was considered as a priviledge only for the rich. The flight attendant job was very respectable, a perfect one to find a well-off man to marry. They had to be young, beautiful, available (just watch Lucy Becomes an Airline Stewardess). Passengers - both men and women - were wearing their best clothes in plane. Flight attendants even better ones. Designers like Pucci agreed to design the costumes for United Airlines and airline jobs have been whats  "Any Countries Next Topmodel" is today.

Flight Attendant Jobs Still Kept Their Charme

flight attendant hostess

CC Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen flickr

Now we write the year 2016. Flying in Europe is sometimes cheaper than taking a train. Nobody would ever think of wearing a suit during an 8 hour flight next to a snoring guy, who got tired after eating his paper bag cake. Flight attendants are ten a penny, lovingly called trolley dolly. If no tomato juice is available, the passenger gets angry. The more cakey make up she is wearing, the worse is the airline.  So why is it still a dream - becoming a flight attendant in the year 2016?  Because being a flight attendant still has the charme of the 60s. Getting paid for flying around in the world, walking in a stylish dress through the airport, taking care of people, still getting admired even though all colleagues know, that the dream job can sometimes be a nightmare. Being a flight attendant is not a job, its an attitude.

Flight Attendants are Flying Literally For Free

Who is a good flight attendant? The answer is simple: It's the one, who brought you to the question, if you can also apply for flight attendant training. She maybe had this typical air hostess walking style in an aircraft, which just had to stuggle with turbulences. You were wondering, how graceful she can carry the tablet with water glasses in the small corridors of the plane, while passangers blocked it with hasty visits to the toilet. She was smiling all the time and even more, while serving to middle age men. Her voice was never too high nor too deep and never too loud. After this flight, where you were observing the ideal flight attendant, you asked yourself: How to Become a Flight Attendant?

air hostess

CC Classic Film flickr

Ideal flight attendants like that are actually very rare. Only a few on board really have this fascinating aura. And he or she is most probably the purser, also called the chief flight attendant. The purser is contact person for the "trolley dolly"-crew and responsible for the safety on board. In most cases, she (or he) is older than the other ones (but still loods great) and completed flight attendant school maybe 20 years ago. This person is really having the attitude of a flight attendant. She is living her job.

But there is also the other kind of flight attendant - the one, who just doesn't know what to do with her life; the one, who only wants being envied by others; the one, who wants to fly aorund in the world for free and getting paid for it. This is the kind of flight attendant, who never inspires someone to become a flight attendant. Why? Because this job is not the same as in the 60s. This job is literally flying for free. Flight attendant salary - especially the starting salary-  just doesn't allow much. That is a fact and maybe also the reason, why many young people quit the job after several months. The 60s dream - being a flight attendant to meet well-off man and most probably get married, wearing designer dresses, getting admired by people  - is not what is is today: a job and not a dream.

How to Become a Flight Attendant...and leave it

Everybody has his best moments in life. Holding the first degree in his hands, riding on an elephant in Thailand, hearing the first scream of his newborn child, getting the first kiss secretly during summer holidays, meeting his favourite celebrity in Paris, eating a banana picked from a banana tree. The best moment in life can be a real moment - or a decision. This decision can change once life to it's better or worse. You never know, but if you think about it later on, you would already have made this decision. It was the right decision for this moment. The 60s dream of becoming a flight attendant is currently present, but the charme is definitely gone. Also in societies eyes. The reason why people become a flight attendant lies in the eyes  of society - definitely not in the salary. Flight attendants still get admired, but only for the moment. The moment, when she is saying hello to the new passengers. The moment, when she is walking hip shacking by the passengers, who want check in. But the moment in society, when the flight attendant job is connected with an idealised dream, is gone and will never come back.

Featured Image CC Classic Film flickr
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