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Social Media Fights

social media usageWhat have been talkshows in the past are social media platforms today: perfect places to fight. Facebook, twitter, instagram and co. didnt only replace the "tv arena for warriors of their own opinion", but also gave a lot more space to their version 2.0 - social media fights.

We all remember the time ten years ago, when ICQ was the hit. First of all, everyone was talking with friends, then with some people from school they've never talked before but were always thinking they are cute and in the end (before nobody was using ICQ anymore): to complete strangers. The same happend with facebook. First of all facebook was a platform to add close friends, then it became a platform to add people we know, then to add former friends we once hated and now it is basically a platform to discuss news. And right here begin the fights.

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But facebook was only the start. Because the basis of this platform is normally being not anonymous. That means people are at least a little bit concerned in what they are writing. The basis of twitter on the other side is being completely anonymous, which means they are not at all concerned on what they are writing. Here, the "fights" are more of less hidden so-called non-mentions. This means that a person twitters something about another persons tweet without mentioning his name - basically an intelligent way to fight in an elegant way.


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Pinterest is dominated by women for women and is a very good inspirational source for everyone. But in terms of fights and shitstorms via comments, its the innocent social media platform.

And here we go with instagram. Instagram is the best platform to fight. Its mostly a platform by women for men, which means that other women can easily get jealous. Some comments in different languages and scriptures from all over the world are really below the belt - but yes, so is the pictures sometimes. Especially celebrities use this platform to show themselves or with whom they are friend. Yes, in this stage of social media when almost everyone (in America 80 %) is online, when the basis of social media is not getting in contact with people we already know, but with people we dont know at all - even and especially celebrities - fights are on the hourly agenda.

Why Do People Fight On The Internet?

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People fight on social media platforms, because they can. All options for a perfect fight are given:
  1. People can choose a role - if they want.
  2. People cannot become loud - typing capital letters doesn't count!
  3. People can be in front of a tablet - instead of a real person.
  4. People can fight with persons, they don't know - for example celebreties (if they would answer!)
  5. People can stop fighting whenever they want -  by just going offline.
  6. People can laugh a lot - for example by creating a fake shitstorm together with friends and read all the serious comments from people.
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The list can be continued by many other points. Social Media can and is basically a lot of fun! Even if people fight a lot, a little bit of humour always comes with it, because it just makes no sense. And everybody knows it. It is entertainment especially for those, who hate social media. Those, who only read the comments without ever commenting. Those, who are not active, but take a look on whats going everyday. All the other ones belong to one:

Social Media Comment Types


Fans never write negative comments, but also never qualitavely good ones. Comments like "I love you", "Keep going on" or "Haters will always hate" are on the daily agenda. Fans never start fighting, but if someone is commenting some really insulting things besides a picture of his favourite youtuber or celebrity, hes defending this person as hard as he can.

Positive Comments

People who post positive comments just like the specific picture or video. The comments are nice,  simple and without any ulterior motives like for example: "I really like your hair on this picture. A friend of mine is using ... shampoo and has shiny ones like you", "I also visited this place once and its awesome. You should go into this restaurant ..." etc.

Constructive Criticism

Many famous youtuber or instagrammer are begging for constructive criticism for their picture or video. This means that the comment must be related to the post and is feasible. If a famous person is posting a picure on facebook and someone comments: "You must have gained a lot of money from youtube, because you are always showing very expensive things", it has nothing to do with the video and the youtuber cannot change this fact. A constructive comment would be: "The picture is very shacky in this video. Maybe its you camera". People who post constructive comments are probably the ones, who really like social media in itself. They like to watch good videos, see beautiful pictures or to get inspired.

Negative Comments

Negative comments sometimes really destroy the picture of a good social media post and result in shitstorms. Even though some of them are self initiated (for example by provocative posts) and can give a bad image to a person, its at least publicity.  And publicity is always good to generate more follower, visits, clicks. People who post negative comments like to use social media, because its a protected space to share toughts or to release frustration. Negative Comments can easily pass in insults (next type). But they are never the same, because the meaning behind it is different: negative commenter are serious in what they want to say, while "hater" are unserious and just see it as a hobby.

Insults "Hater"

Insulting comments include comments without any sense, alleged "funny" statements and comments that can probably hurt someone - even though these comments are only copy and paste. What every big social media person knows is that: haters are everywhere. And why do people hate? Because another person has something he or she also wants to have. May it be fame, money, an active community or a skinny body. The funny thing is that haters don't hate social media at all. They love it! For them, its probably like playing Egoshooter. The comments they are writing are sometimes not even for a specific person, but the whole community of "moneymakers" and "attention-seekers".

The Other Side: Being a Social Media Person

How must it be, being in the postion of a famous social media personality and having to deal with social media fights as the point of discussion? Well, these persons themselves give the answers! And almost all the big youtube personalities have a "How to deal with haters"-video. Kandee Johnson is a very famous beauty-vlogger on youtube and has already made videos about this topic twice - in 2011 and 2015! Even celebrities who are probably the most active on social media platforms, got questions concerning haters in interviews. On a video-series from Jimmy Kimmels youtube channel, actors and singers read mean tweets and are commenting on them, whats very funny. Dealing with heaters in such a humorous way is probably the best way to show real self-irony.

Are You Using...?

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do you have a full-time job? The fight between whats the best social media platform/ social networking app to use, who is using which platform/app, who is the "outsider", is a bigger fight than the small ones held everyday on them. But the high competition has one advantage: the groups are getting smaller and hopefully friendlier. There will be a social media/social networking app for every particular interest and age group. Maybe also a special one only for haters.

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