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How to Vlog: Five Amazing Youtube Channels

How to Vlog

Vlogs are in since several years, but now they are on an unexpected positive trait on YouTube. Almost every successful youtuber has at least two channels: a "basic" channel and a vlog channel.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog is something like a blogpost within a video (video blogging). The topic can vary from A like A Day in my Life to Z like Zebras in Africa. A person, who vlogs is called vlogger. A vlogger, who explains vlogging in a YouTube video is actually doing exact the same he is talking about.

To know the art of vlogging is not as easy at it sometimes look like. YouTube is full of really bad vlogs, but still at the same time there are the rays of hope, the diamonds, the really entertaining ones.

What makes a good vlog? Well, it also depends on what a person likes to watch. But what we know is that the quality of a good vlog cant be measured in the views. Here are five examples and the reasons why we think they are above average:

Sunny Schollenbruch - Showing Everyday Paradise

Sunny Schollenbruch is a German living in Thailand, Phuket since more than 15 years. Together with his beautiful wife Bum Boss, he is running the restaurant Grill Bill Kamala - by the way number one rated under all restaurants in Kamala - Phuket. His vlogging-style: a mix of taking the viewer to the most beautiful places in Thailand, funny conversations with the camera, many infos for tourists and immigrants from western countries, a lot of unexpected moments and since 2016: really awesome drone footage from Thailand! Sunny Schollenbruch is in possession of the vlogging camera DJI OSMO, which creates a high quality, steady footage.

ItsJudysLife - The Cutest Family on YouTube

First of all there was only Judy Gutierrez, the beautyguru (ItsJudysTime). Then there were Judy and Benji Travis - a sweet couple, who started doing vlogs together. Then there was an awesome marriage ceremony and now there are Judy Travis, Benji, Julianna and the twins Miya and Keira. ItsJudysLife has over 1,2 million totally deserved subcribers. Her vlogs are mainly about her crazy daily family life and adventures with her husband Benji or the three children. Her secret for successfully vlogging is probably, that she gives the (female) viewers on its judys life  the feeling of being a best friend.

VitalyzdTvSecond - Showing the Real Life

The face behind VitalyzdTvSecond is Vitaly Zdorovetskiys, who is famous for doing funny pranks like the russian hitman prank on his main channel called VitalyzdTv. His vlogs are very entertaining (especially for boys), funny, full of crazy stuff and he offers also cool footage from countries all over the world. Vitalys mom is a very attractive russian woman, who sometimes appears in his videos. His small family moved to Florida when he was very young and is now living in a beautiful house in Los Angeles, California. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy net worth lies around 2 million USD!

Trisha Paytas - Just Talking Funny

Trish Paytas is a real YouTube chick. Famous for talking about everything in life without mincing matters, looking like a new version of Barbie is she the self-confidence in person. Trisha Paytas youtube channel is called blndsundoll4mj, where she is posting music videos, personal statements, vlogs and much more. The eye catcher is not only Trisha herself, but also her funny and controvers video titles. Without any doubt is her style of vlogging really unique. Its a combination of looking great, talking cute and funny stuff, her openness, saying everything directly and coming right to the point. 

From Head to Toe aka How not to Vlog - Just Talking Boring

From Head to Toe is a beautiful Korean-American youtuber, designer and make-up artist. While her fashion and cosmetic videos are pretty good, vlogging is probably not her biggest talent - at least this example. It shows whats not meant to be a good vlog: just talking, talking and talking without showing anything. Vlogs in which people are only telling things are "practial" in cases like Trisha Paytas, because she has such a great, overwhelming and funny personality. But as many vloggers want to post one video everyday, it sometimes results in very boring monologues. The simple reason: They just don't have anything to show. Vlogging and editing takes a lot of time and the main channel also needs some content. Nevertheless, it is also true that long time viewers from Jen Chae (From Head to Toe, our eample) find it probably quite interesting to hear about her pregnancy, while everyone else would most likely just skip the video.

Featured Image CC First Time Underwater flickr

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