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Playboy Magazine or: How “Time’s Change”

In October 2015, the famous Playboy Magazine shocked with the news, that from March 2016 on, there will be no more naked women in the Playboy print version. WTF?!!! was probably the first thought of many guys out there. Questions like is this just a media stunt, is this really going to happen or how can I spend my time on toilet efficiently from March 2016 on came along. The negative media response was huge and people critised, that the more than 50 year old Playboy is following the (by experts predicted) upcoming prudery of the western society. However, the magazine simply argumented, that naked women are now totally freely available on the internet. Still, the famous Playboy bunnies and celebrities are going to be shown in sexy poses - just not totally nude. So far, so good. But there is one main question left and it seems that nobody asked it until now: Have the Playboy girls from the last 50 years ever been nude? 

The "Horny"  Naked Body

playboy naked woman

CC The Narratographer flickr

What do people associate with a completely naked body? Maybe they say its pure, natural, like a newborn baby or they say its horny. Playboy Magazine landed a real stunt, when it relased the "news" to not publish any of their horny naked pictures anymore. News that are basically no "news", because Playboy bunnies have never been completely naked. Why? Because in every sense is a completely naked body not horny and who should know it better than the editors and photographers of the Playboy or Hugh Hefner (owner of the famous Playboy mansion) himself. A longtime reader of the Magazine knows, how boobs, ass and vagina of his favourite Playboy bunny look like. That is true, but it is also true, that people associate these pictures with horniness, because of three main factors:

  1. The woman is young and good-looking (this is a fact, but it has nothing to do with our analysis)
  2. The reader saw the naked woman (at least a little bit) dressed before taking a look at the pictures
  3. The Playboy model is wearing something - even if it's just a piercing

Undressing Half Naked Playboy Models On The Internet

Why would men (and even some women!) buy a Playboy Magazine with half naked women in it? Or should the question be better: What was perhaps the real motive behind the Playboy to announce not to publish completely naked women in their print issue anymore? As we already conducted is one of the major "that makes me hot"-moments when a man sees a woman "unveiled", which basically means dressed and then naked or dressed and then half naked. 

Naked women are freely available on the internet was one of the main arguments from Playboy to "cover" up women in future issues. And while many feminists said that this benefits women, they get "victory" etc. (funnily the female act is only "in" since 200 years. In the 2000 years before that, the male act was dominant - just visit the Louvre), it's obvious that it actually benefits men. Because according to the "unveiling"-process, men are going to search more (completely) naked pictures of these women on the internet. 

Our main three points of the real ("horny") naked body...

  1. The woman is young and good-looking (this is a fact, but it has nothing to do with our analysis
  2. The reader saw the person completely dressed before taking a look at the pictures
  3. The Playboy model is wearing something - even if it's just a piercing
...are therefore completely given by the "new" announced Playboy issues, released from March 2016 on. Subscribers are still good to go.

The Context Of Nudity

jan van eyck marriage

Public Domain Jan van Eyck Wikimedia

The context is it what makes a naked person "naked" and this in turn can be influenced by personality and culture. Everybody knows that its almost a taboo to show naked female legs in public in India, while it's a rare sight to see a western girl showing her belly. So good so far, but let's imagine a completely naked woman in the context of for example giving birth. Here, the association "naked woman" lies far away. Yes, she is usually undressed during the process, but that is not the point. She is not considered as "naked", because she is not reveiling her body in a seductive way. And here comes the Playboy again. The Playboy shows women,who officially want to be seen as available for men. And this makes them attractive - fully naked, half naked or fully dressed. 

If we take a look at early history, the representation of the (naked) pregnant woman in form of a highlighted abdomen for vases shouldn't show the beauty and sensuality of the female body, but the ability to reproduce. A very famous painting from Jan van Eyck called "Arnolfini Portrait" shows a pregnant woman with her husband. But how is it possible that in 1434(!) a woman is already pregnant on the day of her marriage? Art historians assume that Van Eyck - like many of his collegues during this time - just wanted to show the fruitfulness of the portrayed women. In this context, the body of a pregnant woman is getting back the erotic connection.

Body Painting - The Naked Dress

body art

CC Bryan Crump flickr

The Playboy Model is wearing something - even if its just a piercing

Body Painting is the art of feeling and being naked while looking dressed. The "painted woman" shows more than Boticellis Venus (1486/88, who is covering her private part with long hair), but it looks like she's showing almost nothing - in consideration of nudity.

While Body Painting can be a real Body Art, layering colours for a naked bodypainting can be the last form of complete nudity under the right to be seen as dressed. So finally yes, its true - "Times Change". Good, that the "no more naked women" Playboy magazine was one of the first, who uncovered this.

Featured Image CC Paul Towsend flickr
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