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How to Become a Parisian – The Berlin Edition

How to Become Parisian - The Berlin Edition

How to be Parisian whereever you are is a book about the attitude towards life of the typical Parisian woman. Written by four original Parisians called Audrey, Croline, Sophie and Anne, the book (actually from America) has become a real bestseller not only in France, but also in Germany.

It plays with the image of the extreme self-confident, feminin and independent Paris women and their wonderful  "I don't care"-attitude, with which they became a great inspiration for women all around the world. "She is never leaving the house without sunglasses, but hates celebrities, who think they can hide themselves behind them" - "She starts crying in front of the policemen even though he didn't ask for any papers" - "She really forgets to wear a bra in summer".

But what is the difference between the typical Parisian woman and the typical Berlin woman? Is there any ? This is a (not so serious) short Berlin Version of How to be Parisian Whereever you are.

Berlin - Beautiful City, Beautiful Atmosphere, Beautiful People

i love berlin shop

Berlin is a city full of energy, art, culture, dogs, shops and: beautiful women. Yes, maybe they are as much or even more beautiful than the one's in Paris, but due to less marketing, they don't get the attention they deserve (and need).  Now, we want to change that.

Same as Paris, Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in whole Europe and offers really everything a young heart desires - except true love. 4 milllion people from all nationalities, 4 public universities, a flourishing start-up scene, awesome party locations, beautiful nature in Grunewald, a lot of shops and shopping malls, one of the best u-bahn systems in Europe, a zoo with the cutest animals on earth - what else does a person need? Maybe a trip to Paris once in a while to check out the typical "Parisian woman"? We think nobody needs that, because also the "Berlinian woman" has her special charme...

And if someone really wants to get a "Touch of Paris" in Berlin, then he's good to go with these two examples:

Paris Berlin

"Chez Michelle" - A Touch of Paris in Berlin 1


"Louis Vuitton" in the famous department store KaDeWe - A Touch of Paris in Berlin 2

How to be Parisian/ Berlinian:

What You'll Find in Every Berlin Girls Wardrobe

According to "How to be Parisian", the typical Parisian woman likes black, black, black... white blouses, maxi scarfs, jeans, big sunglasses and everything from her boyfriend...
berlin girl

CC Magdalena Roeseler flickr

Berlin is famous for it's small, but crazy fashion scene. As not every young woman can afford designer stuff presented on "The Berlin Fashion Week", she needs to settle for Primark at Alexanderplatz, H&M or one of the many second hand shops in Kreuzberg. Here are some basics must-haves for every original Berlin woman:
  • white nike airmax or any white sneakers - forever young.
  • a white dress shirt from her boyfriend - he's wearing t-shirts.
  • a long black coat - from Matrix, the movie.
  • a leopard coat - of course fake fur.
  • a headgar - nobody know's why.
  • something with leather - for the glossy effect.
  • something with cuts - "tattoos are only for myself".
  • something from a second-hand-shop - because nobody else has it.
  • boots with a fat black heel - at least they don't make any noise.

What You'll Never Find in Any Berlin Girls Wardrobe

  • a white shirt from her husband - boyfriend of course.
  • a bra - summer in the city.
  • hair extensions - no money for that.
  • black tights - straps keep the legs warmer.
  • sport clothes - smoking keeps the hunger away.

The Most Famous Berliners are Famous for Being Famous

The most famous women in the book "How to be a Parisian" are from neighbouring countries like Germany (Romy Schneider), Austria (Marie Antoinette) or Great Britain (Jane Birkin)....

Berlin is hometown of many German actors, singers and also people from "some kind of the other type". Micaela Schäfer is a Brazilian-German mixed model, presenter and DJane. She became famous as a participant in the German version of "I'm a Celebrity" and with almost naked public appearances or photoshootings i.a. at Brandenburger Gate. Like in the last couple of years, she was in the tip-list of the 100 most embarassing Berliner in 2015.

Sophia Thomalla is daugther of stage actor André Vetters and the famous German actress and tv-personality Simone Thomalla. Both, mother and daugther appeared naked in different issues of the Playboy Magazine. Sophia also stared in several tv-series and is in an on-and-off-relationship with 26 years older Rammstein-singer Til Lindemann. With her controversial instagram-posts, she's getting constant media attention.

The most famous Berliners are in fact famous for being famous.

sophia thomalla micaela schäfer

Famous women in Berlin: Sophia Thomalla and Micaela Schäfer CC Michael Schilling Wikimedia, CC Achim Raschka Wikimedia

The Perfect Man (available)

The perfect man a la "How to be Parisian" is unshaved, funny and a real bad boy...  

Who's the perfect man? Most women would say he is a doctor, laywer, teacher, craftsman, pilot, business man...Business man? Okay, here we go. As we all know is Berlin the "Silicon Allee" and little sister of the famous "Silicon Valley", start-up paradise in San Fransisco. A lot of people in Berlin silicon allee run their own business - CEO's of bigger start-ups like delivery hero or dubsmash and (unfortunately mostly) me incorporated - everything is included. Coming soon: a possible turnover. The perfect man (available) in Berlin for Berlin women can therefore be described as follows:

  • is an entrepeneur - he s running his own! blog.
  • is sleeping on his ex-girlfriends floor - but not in her bed.
  • is driving to office by bicycle - of course, because his last train ticket (from 2012!) got stolen.
  • eats fruits and cereals from his office - yes, they are really tasty.
  • likes to wash his hair with water - 100 % vegan.

Is there a baby in it?

The typical Parisian mother likes to let her chilren sleep in her own bed, gives them a lot of sweets to keep them calm and is generally doing everything a typical mother (like its written in the books) would not do...
baby sling

CC Jenrose Jennifer Rosenberg Wikimedia

The typical woman in Paris has children, but doesn't wants to shout it from the housetops. The typical woman in Berlin has (accidently) at most one child, would like to show it (because she is already back in shape), but nobody can see it. "Is there a baby in it?" is not a strange question to a pregnant woman, but a question to a woman whose baby is already out! The baby sling or carrycot are more practical than buggies and a longtime trend, but it's still hard to watch - for the baby's sake. The typical Berlin mother has her perfect figure back before she even breastfed her baby the first time (if so) and as all her girlfriends don't have any children, she is good to go with only one rascal.

These Movies Bring you Directly to Berlin

 A movie that brings you directly to Paris: 2 Days in Paris...

zoo palast

  • Anonyma - A Woman in Berlin - Movie about gang rapes of the Red Army in 1945 and a woman, who falls in love with one of them.
  • Knallhart (Badass) - Movie about the daily struggles of a teenager in Berlin-Neukölln.
  • Lola runs - Movie about a Berlin crooks couple. 
  • We children from Bahnhof Zoo - Movie about the true story of Christiane F., a drug-addict teenager who slips into prostitution.
  • Summer in Berlin- Movie about two neighbours and their problems with unemplyoment, alcoholism and men.
  • Keinohrhasen (Rabbit without Ears) - Movie without any meaning, but just good to watch.

The Recipe

Who needs expensive chicken with tartar sauce, royal coucous or Duck confit a la "How to be Parisian", if a tasty Berlin Currywurst for 2 euro is available every 100 metres at a street stand. The first rule of a real Berlin girl is: never cook!

berlin currywurst

 Pictures ©
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