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Jessica Alba: The Pretty Best Friend

Jessica Alba: The Pretty Best Friend

Ugly girl and a pretty best friend ? It seems to be the other way around in Hollywood. A look at Jessica Alba and Lauren Andersens friendship...

Every woman has a Best Friend Forever (BFF), because they just need one. No matter what. They discuess their new dresses, their problems at work, their families. Of course everything on the basis of complete trust. A best friend would tell everything and also relys on the other persons openness in telling everything to her.

The case with female best friends is that they follow one basic unwritten rule, which even a moderate observer should have noticed once in his life: one of the women is always much more attractive than the other one. They are almost never on the same beauty-scale and so it is with their sharpness. One of them is the drama-queen, one the comforter, one has always problems with men or keeping her family together, the other one is with the same man ever since and can't even imagine being with someone else. But still, they are bosom friends.

Why Do so Many Beautiful Women Have an Ugly Best Friend?

This is a very typical question in forums. And here are some selected answers:

i know a really hot girl who has pretty much only ugly friends, but it7s because she was ugly in high school. she was chubby, had braces, glasses etc. now she's thin, wears contacts and has perfect teeth and is hot as ****, but she's still pretty insecure. (broddidly on a bodybuilding-forum) Maybe less attractive girls will feel they actually have a chance by having exposure to guys who levitate to the hotties. (747-451 on an airliners-forum) Not all people hangout with people because of how they look, general love and friend ship might just be involved but superficial jerks don't seem to get that. This is the reason why more females are going lesbian these days. (Char on Topix) maybe the ugly friend wants the good friend to lick her ***** and spit **** on her faeces? Does anyone else agree? (Magic Man on boxingscene)
pretty best friend

CC Stephen Pierzchala flickr, CC David Locke flickr

Altogether, a lot of males guess, that females only have pretty best friends, because the pretty ones want to feel better about themselves, have low self-esteem, are insecure etc. Many females guess that too, but they also think that the friendship just happened "accidently". Females are friends, because they like each other and not, because they want to compensate anything.

In a broader sense, the guys are right. Beautiful women don't only like having ugly girl-, but also ugly or less attractive boyfriends, because of one reason: security. And yes, these relationships last longer. According to psychiatrist Cooper Lawrence, "really beautiful [women like to] go out with men who aren't so hot, [because] the men try harder so it makes for a better marriage". Another reason is that the female part of the relationship doesn't have to worry too much about other women. If it's the order way around - a good looking man with an average looking lady - the relationship is more possible to be sold down the river. 

Now there are three major points. 1. Attractive women have low self-esteem 2. Attractive women like to have an ugly best friend to compensate it 3. Attractive women like to have less attractive boyfriends or husbands to feel secure.

What is a Duff?

The internet is full of stories from "the ugly one". Surely, the pretty one just doesn't have any time to write how pretty she is. Or maybe instead of writing, she's posting pictures on instagram or sending them via snap chat to one of her guy-friends. Kate is telling her story of becoming the ugly when moving to Manhattan. A city, where - according to her - people in general look much better than the average ones in the rest of the USA. After years of being the best friend of a very pretty girl, Meryl came to the conclusion that beauty is only the surface, it has no real substance and it will fade away. An Anonymous writer on the same blog stopped being friends with pretty girls, stating that

the kind of beauty that my friends had was the kind that ruins people, that poisons them and blinds them to all of the wonderful things they have to offer that aren’t their body or face.
duff pretty girl

CC Pedro Ribeiro Simões flickr

All of them are Duffs. Duff stands for Designated Ugly Best Friend, is the title of a funny teen-movie from 2015 and shows whats meant with "the ugly friend besides the pretty one" pretty good. And the answer is simple: it's about comparing yourself to other people around you, especially in your own friend group. This includes females and males.

Does that mean if someone thinks that he/she is not pretty, he/she will automatically get "uglier" or more "attractive" friends without any ulterior motives ? We can just assume, but exactly this question brings us to the next point: the pretty girl with the pretty best friend.

Where are the Ugly Persons in Hollywood?

here in girls always have hot friends......very cool!!! (Elal106 in an airliners-forum)

Hollywood seems like an own world with own rules. Having an ugly best friend amongst the multitude of beautiful people there must be quite difficult. The result is that the "pretty girl having a pretty best friend"-phenomenon is probably the most common thing in LA. And yes, everybody can see it day by day - for example on instagram. Taylor Swift with Karlie Gloss, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift and Jamie King, Jessica Alba and Lauren Andersen. Lauren who? Not Lauren Anderson the porn-star, but Lauren Andersen the makeup artist with an "e". Even they are beautiful? Yes, not even, but in this case especially.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Pretty Best Friends in Hollywood

jessica alba lauren andersen pretty best friend

© Lauren Andersen Instagram, © Jessica Alba Instagram

...please tell me that I am prettier than the person, who put on my make-up. The answer is definitely: tie. Beautiful Jessica Alba likes to share pictures with her beautiful make-up artist Lauren Andersen on instagram and so does Lauren. Both revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, that they met on Jessica's 14th birthday party and ever since have been good (pretty best) friends. Jessica made it in Hollywood and as an entrepeneur with the idea, to sell eco-diapers under the company name "The HONEST" online. And yes, she is very successful. Jessica Albas net worth in 2015 was 350 USD! Lauren on the other hand is now successfully giving make tips as an AVON-spokesperson and freshens up celebrities as a  make-up artist, including clients like Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Banks and her close friend Jessica. "We are like sisters", Lauren revealed in an interview with beautyeditor. Here is the perfect example of how a frindship between two very pretty girls can last over two decades. But musn't there always be competitive behaviour or jealousy, especially because only one is a big star? Possibly, but in this case probably not...

Pretty and Famous vs Pretty and not so Famous

Jessica Alba was 19 when she became famous because of her full lips, caramel-toned skin, the perfect figure and her attitude as "Dark Angel". Now she is 34, a mother of two and still one of the biggest celebrities inHollywood. She was intelligent enough to balance the act between becoming a mother, establishing her own business and still be considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Jessica Alba's husband is producer and Yale-graduate Cash Warren, an average (unfortunately compared to her unattractive) looking guy. Lauren Anderson on the other hand seems to not have any kids, is not married nor has a boyfriend and is seen very often on Jessica Alba's site. Especially  during her travel-trips for example to Paris or Thailand. A few years ago she was alleged in a relationship with Samantha Ronson, sister of Mark Ronson and famous songwriter from Britain. We don't know if Lauren Andersen is lesbian, bi-sexual or straight, but fact is that she is probably one of the prettiest makeup artists out there.  In every AVON-Video on Youtube, she resembles a little bit Rachel McAdams as Regina George in "Mean Girls" (2004) - the unique nice-bitchy talking-style and soft while sharp tone of their voices are really exceptional.

The "pretty and pretty best friend"-relationship seems very common in Hollywood and besides the possibility that they are fake, one of the reasons can be that the status of the two persons is never the same. If an actor has an actor "pretty best friend", both are not more than average looking. If an IT-girl has an IT-girl pretty best friend, this last not longer than one haute couture fashion show. If a singer has a pretty best friend, they adress different music genres. And if a model has a pretty best friend, its most probably only for the camera. Both, Jessica and Lauren are in complete different stages of their lifes, have different interests and passions. And that is maybe the foundation, Lauren and Jessica are building their friendship on.

Still in general, it can be darely said that a beautiful woman likes to be with much older or much uglier girls or women. The pretty-pretty best friend may only exist in Hollywood (because maybe there are no other options), whereas the possibility of an outbreaking bitch-fight in real life is more than possible. Always keep in mind, that we are talking about the real- not averge looking - pretty best friends. It's scientifically proven that a lot of friendships only last around 7 years. The "pretty-pretty-ones" probably less long. In movies, in series, on instagram - everything is possible. But if a petty girl has a pretty best friend in real life, in general everything has more potential than a long-lasting friendship.

Featured Image: © Jessica Alba Twitter
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