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Emma Watson: Beauty and The Beard

Emma Watson Hair

A long mane, a short bob, a long bob - Emma Watsons hair are one of the most beautiful parts of her body. But her head is not the only section shes shown us "hairy". This is a (not so serious) analysis about Emma Watsons mustache.

Every Beauty has to live with a beard. At least if she is not removing it. And that's what the majority of women in the world are doing. They wax, thread, plug, use sugar or - which is the worst a woman can do to her facial hair - even shave. And if someone has some money left and nothing against soft pain, also laser can be an option. Kim Kardashian is a famous example of a woman, who is openly talking about laser hair removal:

I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms... my entire body is hairless.

Everybody can assume that women - and especially those who are always trying to be in the spotlight of the cameras -  do facial hair removal. It looks clean, feminine and powder and make-up don't look that cakey.

Black Hairy Legs on a Red Carpet

Some red carpet-ladies tried to revolutionize the hair removal "must" in the last couple of years by showing off some parts of their body which weren't hairless. Julia Roberts "forgot" to do armpit hair removal, Miley Cyrus likes to dye them sometimes red and sometimes yellow and Moni'que probably started shaving her legs too early. That's why many mothers are telling their teenage daugthers not so shave, because it makes the hair grow back thicker, which ends up in getting fat, long and dark hair in the next 5-10 years.

All these examples are more or less kind of a rebellion to show the public, that women have body hair - they just remove them. So basically nothing new. But when it comes to really showing hair on parts that are far away from what's associated with feminity, not many celebrities are that brave. What we are talking about is facial hair and in specific the female mustache.

Admiring the Abnormality

Before going deeper into the topic "celebrity female mustaches", there can be a look at some more or less famous women with beard. Most of them didn't only have a hardly visible mustache, but a full beard like Gerald Butler in the movie 300. Annie Jones was a very popular circus attraction in the 19th century. Her full beard brought her a lot of love letters from men, who appreciated Annie's exceptional appearance. It was probably the beauty of something abnormal, which fascinated them. Josephine Clofullia, also a very famous bearded lady and circus attraction, was even married. Same as Lady Olga, who had two children with her first husband and married three times more before she died at the age of 80.
conchita wurst beard

Conchita Wurst. CC Albin Olsson flickr

Women with beards were sort of celebrities in their time. They got admired, because they were famous, not because they were beautiful. When Lady Olga's mother noticed chin hair on her growing daugthers face, she went to many doctors to find out what's wrong with her. One of the most attractive masculine signs - the full beard - on a female face was so special that people even started to like it. In a broder sense it has something in common with the fascination of transgenders some have nowadays. In Thailand for example people like to attend shows, where only transgenders sing, dance and entertain the audience. Bruce Jenner became a lot more famous after her making of into Caitlyn Jenner and Youtube is full of transgenders who get millions of clicks - just because people like to watch the "abnormalities" in life.

The Bearded Saint

Besides real famous beards on women, there are also some stories of bearded saints. Wilgefortis was a fictional nation saint, who finally died crucified after her fathers, the kings, order. The reason? Wilgeforties was forced to get married. The converted Christian tried to pray herself "ugly" to avoid the marriage with a Pagan. Finally a beard began growing in her face, which made her groom deny her and her father so angry, that the virgin ended up dying at the cross. The bearded lady, who gets rejected by her future husband, because it takes all the atractiveness away from her. The main difference between Annie and the other circus articsts and virgin Wilgefortis is not only their end, but also the reaction of men. Would have Wilgefortis future husband married her, if she would have been famous? Was he only surprised about the power of her prayings? Or did her only expected something different and was therefore dissapointed? Fact is that a bearded woman is not always welcome in a man's eyes - even though she is a virgin.

Emma Watsons Pubic Hair Scandal

A pretty good example for a celebrity, who is not removing facial hair above the mouth is the Harry Potter actress, model, designer and UN-ambassador Emma Watson.

From Emma Watson is by far a very beautiful, young lady with a well-defined face-shape and a small nose. And yes, Emma Watson is also British. That means nothing, but in case of Emma Watsons hair, it means at least something. Many people remember her 18th birthday. Emma threw a big party, invited a lot of friends including Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe and her then boyfriend Jay Barrymore and ended her big day by trying to escape the paparazzi in a short, sexy black dress. While sitting in a car, they used their chance to make photos of her underwear - seethrough ones with black stripes. What became clear on this day, is/was that Emma is/was not shaving her pubic hair. Emma Watsons mustache is nothing against this! Some people began discussing about the Emma Watson pics on the internet, some people said it's mean what the paparazzi did, others were disgusted by this view between Emma Watsons legs, some girls liked the seethrough underwear and again others appreciated that a celebrity is not removing the pubic hair.

Pubic Hair in Europe

Now, where is the connection of the famous actress not removing her pubic hair and Emma Watsons mustache? First of all let's begin with an assumption. The assumption is that more (young) women in the US like it soft down under, while the "trend" never really swept to Europe. An article about "pubic hair styles around the world" is arguing with a statistic from Daily Mail, which says that around 51 % of all British women don't even trim, while a study from 2003 revealed that 90 % of all women in the US completely remove or at least trim them. Another one from 2010 says its basically the younger girls between 18 and 25, who are doing it. A famous German study from University of Leipzig showed almost the same results. "Sooner or later, long pubic hair will be chic again", argued professor Brähler a little bit defiant.

Emma Watsons Hair

From Emma Watsons mustache through Emma Watson pubic hair to the beauty ideal in Europe. But first of all to China. "Shanghai Baby" is an autobiographic novel from Chinese author Weihui Zhou. It's full of dialogues, westernized chinese people in big cities and relationship dramas. But there is one main quote from a Chinese girl, that describes the essential of beauty ideals very well. She is saying something like
I slept with a black man, a white man and a Chinese man. The black man loved my fair skin, but told me that my ass is too small. The white man liked my soft body, but said that my boobs are too small and the Chinese man didn't complain or appreciated at all.
emma watsons mustache

Emma Watson. CC David Shankbone flickr

Besides the big boos, which are most probably an evergreen in every culture, the beauty ideal in Europe is more or less: less is more and just be natural. But regarding body and facial hair it must be called more is more. It wouldn't matter to someone, - regarding the quote above - who is from that certain culture, where it is natural to live under the devise to stay natural. That also counts for celebrities like Emma Watson. In fact, Emma embodies the beauty ideal in Europe. She is tall, but not too tall. She has sometimes brown and sometimes blonde hair. She is skinny, but still curvy. She is very white, but in a healthy way. Her eyes are big, her nose small and her lips well defined. She seems more than normal for an actress and media brought her far away from abnormality. They also like to write how intelligent the Brown graduate is. Intelligent enough to not remove her hair on certain parts of her body. Because that's what people associate with the well-educated, british girl and that's also what professor Brähler in the pubic hair-study meant, when he defiantly mentioned, that pubic hair will soon get their revival. Actually, the most interesting fact in relation to the University of Leipzig-study was particularly, that all the participants were either medicine or psychology students.

Emma Watsons Short Bob

A symbol is not only a visible distinctive mark like a cross, a traffic light or a short cut, but rather what people associate with it. Humans create their own experimental world. They interact with each other, come to know about new information and begin to associate certain things with other certain things. A short cut - the third and last "hairy" analysis - is not only a hairstyle, but some people also connect it with cuteness, cleanliness, little bit craziness, sometimes with men and more often with feminists. When Emma Watson got her first "bob" in 2010, a lot of people liked it in the first moment when she published a picture on facebook, but on a second look, it didn't really suit her. And when Emma Watson got her second (long) bob in 2015, almost nobody cared.

Now there are three different hair issues: Emma Watsons mustache, pubic hair and a short cut. Some people would now say these are all signs of feminism, which Emma Watson as an UN embassador for women's right already admitted. But that is not the point. The following comment from her explains the issue much better:

 I've been very fulfilled by my studies

Emma Watsons Mustache can be a sign of Education

Emma is one of those girls, who made it in Hollywood and in University. Means education = no or less hair removal on certain parts? We don't exactly know about Natalie Portman, actress and Harvard-graduate, but one thing have both in common: the short cut. Natalie got her hair cut off in and for the movie V for Vendetta (2005), while Emma cut her hair off after filming the Harry Potter-series.

Maybe the final result is too simple to be true. Maybe female (mustache) hair removal is just a personal choice and has nothing to do with education or country. Maybe Emma Watson doesn't want to remove it, because its not what a woman should to but what most women actually do. Maybe she is also only some kind of a rebel, who cut her hair off, but let her pubic and slight moustache grow long. Maybe it's a fake mustache. Maybe only we notice Emma Watsons mustache in the lights of the camera. Yes, maybe she really doesn't care.

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