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Lana del Rey or the Art of Wearing Long Nails

Lana Del Rey Nails

Lana del Reys long nails are superstars on their own. Her stiletto nails are not only long and beautiful, but also a symbol of upper class people. 

It was in 2011 when the whole world became addicted to "Video Games". Same as with the traditional ones many people get squared eyes from, nobody could take his eyes off the screen when Lana del Rey was flirting with the whole world. But what was it - when it is for sure not her voice - that captured boys and girls, men and women equally? It was the exaggeration of three main essentiell beauty-ideals, Lana Del Rey (still) personifies and which let her step out from the mass:
  1. Full lips
  2. Thick and long hair
  3. Long pointy nails
All have in common, that they are available for everyone. The Lana del Rey lips are just too full to be from mother nature, the stiletto nails are too 90s and the Lana del Rey hair just too perfect to be not made out of other peoples hair. But while the average price of a lip injection (for both, lower and upper part) lies around 500-600 USD and a piece of real hair extensions from Amazon are available for regular 20-40 USD, a visit in a small nail studio for french manicure makes the purse only 10-15 USD lighter.

Lana del Reys Long Nails for Less Than One Hour of Work

Lana is not cheap at all (according to, she has a net worth of 12 million USD), but even teenage girls without sidejob can afford something for 10 USD - especially when it has something to do with beauty. After an almost 10 year lasting trend of polished and short nails, black polished (like she is singing in the song "Black Beauty", 2014) and long nails became "in" again. Fact is, that in the last four years, almost nobody was asking for "French", but for "Fingernails like Lana Del Rey". The nail industry increased its turnover from 7,5 billion in 2012 to 8,5 billion in 2014 (Nails Big Book). Only two years in which Lana del Rey - or better to say her nails - became one of the biggest superstars in the world. But even though long polished nails are a major symbol of feminity, the extremely version Lana liked to wear when she was on top of career (for example in the Video "Born to die", 2011) is also a symbol of elite. It doesn't only take longer to put in eye lens or make the way to the toilet a little bit time-consuming, but they also signalise that the hands are for everything, but their main purpose: working. This is also common in many asian countries, where some taxi-drivers (who obviously didn't brought it to greater success ) like to let at least their little finger grow long. When young teenage girls try to copy the art of wearing Lana del Reys long nails - the art, Lana perfects - they will definitely fail. The reason is same as with the taxi drivers in Asia: In truth, they really can't afford them.

Straight front corset from Unknown under GNU GPL

What a Corset and Long Nails Have in Common

The corset, which was the fashion item for good situated women in the 19th and early 20th century is an exaggerated comparison to the extremely long nails trend nowadays. The unwritten rules concerning corset and long nails are simple and therefore for every woman understandable: The tigther, the better. The longer, the more seductive. The wearer cannot use certain areas from her body in a natural way - and so it should be. A corsett made even an apple-shaped woman curvy, while long fingernails make even a young girl feel more mature and take an old lady back to her glorious 30s. When this time around many women like to wear a basque to look more graceful, skinnier or a waist training corset after they've given birth (for example Jessica Alba or Kim Kardashian) to get back in shape, they know that the seductive underwear already belongs to the history of fashion, while long nails still belong to the ideal of beauty. The assumption that young girls (or taxi drivers) wearing Lana del Reys long nails can't afford them just thrives from the assumption that long nails, a corset or high heels are symbols not only of seduction, but of a certain stage of class. The class that (supposedly) doesn't work. The Elite. No one can buy long nails for 10 USD, because they are almost unaffordable.

My Father, the...

Some kids of rich parents see money as a curse, some recognise that only money (and a nanny) made them to the nobodies (at most socialites) they are now and some use the savings from their parents to study something really useful and keep the family tree going on. The "Video Games"-singers real name is Elizabeth Grant and right, she is also the daugther of a millionaire. Lana del Reys father Robert Grant is the owner of an online media agency and a real estate company. On pictures with both of them, they look really nice together and on pictures with both her parents, Lana seems to appear twice: herself and an older version of herself. Fact is that around the figure Lana del Rey the rumors exists, that she is the daugther of a rich man. That sounds even better than being the wife of a rich man. Why? Because it gives people the feeling, that she is not newly rich, that she grew up in an environment of rich people, that she likes singing more than money and that she can afford wearing long nails, because she is actually not supposed to do anything.

Nothing Fits Perfectly Together

A life in a trailer park is everything but glamourous and the only bright spot maybe some cute trailer park boys. In fact it was the other rumour spreading around Elizabeth Grant in the early times of her career. Lana del Rey was both, a millionaire kid with the ability to break out for living an underprivileged life in a trailer park. There, the long toe nails and french nails women like to wear are everything but seductive. It just seems vulgar. That's also the reason, why fake french manicured nails of porn stars are not at all charming, but only part of a complete package that fits perfectly together. In Lana del Reys case, nothing fits perfectly together and that is exactly her art of wearing long nails. Her rich father, while all the other celebrities seem to come from a poor background; her life in a trailer park while having a full bank account; her line
I fucked my way up to the top (Fucked my Way up to the Top, 2014)
while she is also singing
Dear lord when I get to heaven (Young and Beautiful, 2014).
The way she is standing on the red carpet, never with stemmed hands in the hips; Lana del Rey feet in flat shoes, while every other lady is wearing heels; her hands with the seductive (and a fine line to vulgar) nails touching her face, while she is slightly pushing her long hair to the side. A picture imperfectly perfect.

Moët & Chandon for Everyone

moet et chandon

CC Financial Times flickr

Wearing nails like Lana del Rey is like a shot Moët & Chandon champagne. It costs money, but still it's affordable. Many people want to try it once, when they notice it wasn't worth it, because it just don't fit to them. The art of wearing Lana del Reys long nails is not the art of being an intelligent and beautiful break-out kid of a rich family. The art of wearing long nails is to make them look like a person was never wearing short nails, like they never disturbed a person on toilet, like you imagine this person touching a glass of Moet & Chandon champagne without feeling it would not fit to this person.
Featured Image CC J aguar Cars MENA flickr

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